26 Sep 2003 19:03:37
new adult bodybuilding dvds and videos



Yeah, so some guy might have a good love muscle, but can it compare to
the muscles on these broads? They want you to PUMP - their rumps! Watch as
these two incredibly sculpted ladies, one being French champion body builder
Francesca, do squats, presses, and reps all over their men! Francesca first
does it with one guy, but one 98 pound weakling isn't enough for this Atlas
girl, so she ends up with two guys filling all her holes! Our other babe
also takes on two guys who provide her with her protein shake as they spill
their juice all over her. Hey skinny! Pump iron with boadaciously built
babes and be the hero of the bitch! This video also features an exclusive
Body Worship photo gallery, with clips of a menagerie of muscle-bound mamas
making it with more milquetoasts! Starring: Francesca, Frank, Patrick, Jean
Paul, and more