fitness & bb photo website
Please, take a look at my website. There are a lot of fitness pics. Thanks a lot! Fabrizio

has anyone tried this? It seems like a good book to own for people who have difficulty gaining weight.

Info on Bertil Fox Uncrowned Mr. Olympia 1983
Hi, I am a fan of Bertil FOx, one of the most massive bodybuilders of all time (active in the 1970 & 80's) and uncrowned Mr. Olympia 1983 as per Arnold and pretty much anyone els...

Build up muscles with Anabolic Steroids for a great price!
Hello, We're a Thailand based online shop selling anabolic steroids to help you building up more muscles and reaching your goals. -Shipping worldwide -Original products...

Twinlabs Ripped Fuel and Ripped Fuel Extreme
Hi Guys, I spent my last vacation in the U.S. and brought a large amount of Twinlabs Ripped Fuel and Ripped Fuel Extreme along to Germany. Information about these products can be ...

some help with M1T
Ive taken M1T before. Had a great cycle. Just 2 weeks at 10ml. Took it all in the morning. Im doing my second one, but im doing 15ml this time. I was doing 7.5ml in the morn...

HGH - First Time use
Just tried my first kit. The only thing I noticed was that I seemed to sleep alot. Much more then normal. Also, always felt hot at night. Other then that, nothing. Is this normal. ...

Carb Question
Hello all, I'm trying to bulk up and gain weight and I'm at a bit of a stand still. I'm 6'1" 185lbs and have been at 185 for a while now. I work out 5 days a week and have a... Wants You To Come Out And Play!
Can You Come Out And Play Pickup Games? GameSnake ( is a resource that helps players like you find the games you like to play at the courts, fields and fac...

delts help
hay im trying to get a better shape to my arm .. and by looking at pics ive noticed bigger detls give more shape to the arm ... wondering what ppl think is the best and quickest what to buil...

GNC Cuts
Hi, I am looking at using GNC Cuts - actually I just bought it and was wondering if anyone else here has tried it before. I'm aware I need to have a good diet and hard training a...

ZMA ? help
question? zma? pro o contro? grazie

I love veins stand out on forearm & bicep like roads on map.

New Technology For Competitive Athletes
For those of your who track your progress... There's a new device that measures -Hydration Level -Lean Muscle Mass -Body Fat now available to the public aft...

Weight Lifting equip for sale
leg press,cage,benches,pull down, olympic plates and sets,too much to list, all health club quality, must sell, will deliver in the Chicago,ill area,email for products and prices. <...

Protein consumption rates
Where can I find data on protein consumption rates in building of muscle? I know about the rather unstudied conjectures about eating 0.8-2.5 grams of protein per lb bodymass per d...

Dosage for 19 Norandrostenediol
Can anyone recommend a dosage for 19 norandrostenediol? My bottle recommends one 100mg capsule before my workout, but sources on the internet say 1 100mg capsule twice a day. Al...

Weight-loss for bodybuilders
OK, so I am done with a mass gain cycle and now, I desperately need to lose the love handle and reclaim my six-pack. I have 8 weeks to do this. What's the best diet and exercise regime...

workout meals without maltodextrine?
I read some articles with detailed enough instructions on how to prepare pre-workout and post-workout meals. FOr carbohydrates they recommend 50% dextrose and 50% maltodextrine. The soluti...

Growth Hormone
Hi all, I heard that it is possible to encourage growth hormone secretion by consuming a (roughly) 50/50 mix of protein and carbohydrates, but then I read somewhere else that cons...

Alternatives to squats?
I am a male, age 51, 6 ft.1in. and 210 lbs. I have been told that I should not try to do barbell squats at my age, it will ruin my knees. I don't have any exercise equipment other than a 1...

where to buy maltodextrine (online)
Hi Is there any online store in Europe, where they sell maltodextrine? I live in Greece and although I searched in health food and sports nutrition shops, I cannot find it. ...

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