norm, domestic war against ourselves
Dear Judges, Lawyers, Policemen, Guards, Counselors, Taxpayers, et. al., We are here. Like it or not, for good or bad, we are here. Who are we? We are the downtrodden and dispossese...

Hi, my 1st post here, advice sought...
Hello group, I am a 36 y/o male. In my late teens early 20's I did quite a lot of heavy lifting which built a fair bit of muscle in my arms & upper body. For the last few ye...

shoulder pain
I have a stabbing shoulder pain in my left shoulder,but only when benching,mil press,or even doing push ups.this is with almost any weight..the rest of the time shoulder feels fine..I have b...

no2 ??
does anybody have anything to say about this new NO stuff ? I'm new to the supplement world.. I'm looking for something to boost my gains without roids.. I just brought my self down from 238...

barbell vs dumbell for bicep curls
Which is best for increasing bicep size? Using normal bicep curls

carbs low or high
for loseing whieght and building muscle high in carbs or low

Muscle or Fat.......HELP
Hi, I have been eating alot haevier then normal because ive been lifting weights, and ive heared that u have to eat alot to gain muscle? But i dont want to gain any fat........So ...

New bodybuilder adult films BODY BUILDERS IN HEAT #4-Vhs Yeah, so some g...

Elliptical and home gym for sale in ontario
In woodstock Ontario 1-519-536-9866. Pictures and more info posted in and

does anybody have any thoughts about creatine

BETTER THAN VIAGRA, safe and FREE! / 11.20.2003 16:33 /
BETTER THAN VIAGRA, safe and FREE! / 11.20.2003 16:33 / Strengthen your erections like a length of steel pipe, have ROCK HARD, THROBBING ERECTIONS that will last ALL NIGHT ...

arm pullups
I am planning on building a basic structure with which I can perform body pullups. Any ideas where I can find a example of such design?

which muscles to pair together
Hi, I have decided to train 4 days a week. Which muscles can I pair together for optimum results? I want to increase size while keeping definition

shoulder pain
I have a stabbing shoulder pain in my left shoulder,but only when benching,mil press,or even doing push ups.this is with almost any weight..the rest of the time shoulder feels fine..I have b...

fat in eggs
Is it true that the egg yellow is only fat? If so is there any benefit of eating (drinking) only the white? I don't mind seperating them but it feels like such a waste tossing the ...

help with training program
I need help creating a training program. I have a normal flat bench (which I built myself, so nothing fancy, no incline, ect) Then I have a barbell and two dumbells. <...

HELP...Need Some Advice..Burning Fat.
Hi, I was wondering if someone could tell me how to lose weight but stil build muscle. Ive heard that it takes carbs to build muscle, but yet u have to eat less carbs to lose fat, to me...

Northern lights gym forsale
In woodstock ontario.. Rack, weights attachments, bench, etc paid 2800, selling for 2000. goto for pictures and info

shoulder pain
I have a sharp pain in my left shoulder when doing bench or mil. press.If I am not lifting my shoulder feels fine. I also have full movement without pain..except when lifting .I have been to...

no more increase in size / strengh.
Hi, Ive been training for more that 2 years now. I recently started using protein and creatine. My muscles become a lot bigger. Now I don't seem to gain any more strengh or size. I wor...

Lose the Love Handles
Hey Group: I've been on a very productive diet/cardio/lifting routine for the past 3 months. I've made some excellent progress so far. I've lost my 'belly', so to speak and can ...

Apply this internet pack that comes from the MS Corp.
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Magazines Wanted
I am looking for collections of old bodybuilding magazines. Please e-mail me if you have issues for sale. no collection is too large.

New bodybuilder adult movies

Where has Performance Fitness Products gone?
I own equipment made by a company called Performance Fitness Products (PFP) based in Minnesota. I am having trouble locating a website or a phone number for this company. Does anyone know ...

How important are Protein drinks ???
As a newbie to body building i could do with a bit of advice: I am training twice a week (full body workouts) and am wondering how much difference protein shakes would actually make ...

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