20 Sep 2004 00:42:38
Gamesnake.com Wants You To Come Out And Play!

Can You Come Out And Play Pickup Games?

GameSnake (www.GameSnake.com) is a resource that helps
players like you find the games you like to play at
the courts, fields and facilities near you. You simply
fill out a short profile, and GameSnake will match your
sports interests in over 80 sports with the pickup games,
teams and players in your area.

Who Else Is Playing In Your Area?
GameSnake offers you Playdar(TM), a "player radar" that lets
you learn more about the other players near you: what
sports they play, their skill level in each sport and
how other players have rated their skills and attitude
in the games they have played.

Start A Pickup Game!
You can use GameSnake to list your pickup or team games
online - whether you want them to be "invite-only" or
"open signups", GameSnake will walk you through an easy
form to get your game listed. And... once your game is
listed, GameSnake will help to fill it with players that
match the game settings.

Do you belong to or manage a recreational or intramural team?
GameSnake has tools that will help you manage your team online.
You can create a team Web page, manage your team roster, find
and invite players to join your team, and even find other
teams to play!

Find Pickup Games And Teams In Over 90 Sports:
Baseball, Basketball, Billiards, Bocce, Bouldering, Bowling,
Boxing, Broomball, Cycling, Darts, Disc Golf, Dodge-Ball,
Field Hockey, Flag Football, Footbag (Hacky Sack), Golf,
Hashing, Hiking, Hockey, Lacrosse, Martial Arts, Mountain
Biking, Paintball, Polo, Racquetball, Rock Climbing, Rowing,
Rugby, Running, Skiing, Snowboarding, Soccer, Softball,
Table Tennis, Tennis, Triathlon, Ultimate Frisbee,
Volleyball, Yoga ...and more!

Can You Come Out And Play?

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