10 Sep 2003 06:06:02
Tasty Mackerel
Followup to (Re: Bad Customer Service)

I returned the extra product that was sent to me. I received a refund for
the product. However the error was due to the side of the company and I had
to pay for the postage of returning the product. I asked to be reimbursed
for it since it was their mistake but they not do so.

They also called and notified me of the refund. The caller was courteous
and professional this time.


"Tasty Mackerel" <[email protected] > wrote in message news:...
> I ordered some products from internationalsupplements.com. I was charged
> for two products where I only ordered one. I contacted customer service
> they gave me the run around until I threatened to call my credit card
> company to complain. At which point they responded with accusations, with
> very little interest in resolving the matter. I had to point out rather
> loudly on the phone that I wanted a refund numerous times before they
> responded and gave me an address to send the extra product they charged me
> for.
> We'll see if they actually refund it or not. I don't like the way this
> company handles business.
> Here are some names the company representative Michael from International
> Supplements called me on the phone, 'you sound like a retard', 'you need
> medication', to name a few. Handling things in a professional matter with
> these people do not work.
> Laife
> p.s. I had great service and customer support buying products from
> bodybuilding.com