Feinwerkbau advice
I was deployed for extended period overseas. I have two FWB 124 rifles. I tried them out yesterday and neither functions. I load pellet and fire and pellet either does not fire - is sti...

Crossman 1400, no compression
It's been standing in a corner for years, hasn't worked, it's just been a decoration. How difficult would it be to repair? -- Vote "Yes" for post-natal abortions for spammer...

Tau Silhouette
Opinion please. I am comparing the Tau Silhouette and the IZH 46M. One of the things I am interested in is the relative noise each one makes on firing. Anyone here who has heard both of thes...

webley Raider single shot
Can anyone give me any tuning tips for this rifle as it seems underpowered compared to my Hw77 springer. Also is it possible to convert to 2shot?

Anybody know about these guys? They're suppose to be good. My question. "How good are they?" Thanks in advance, Jim

Minor aiming issue with Benjamin 397
As I mentioned in another post, I received my 397 yesterday. I'm very pleased overall, but one thing that differs from my old Benjamin 317: I'm having a little trouble aiming through ...

Does anybody know where you can get where you can get Daystate speedloader spares and accesories as Daystate don't do them anymore, I am looking for bits that will fit the Daystate Harrier...

Used Benjamin model 317
Used Benjamin model 317 .177 cal. 45 years-old. Needs some work. Maybe a valve job. Otherwise, in surprisingly good shape. I'm going to throw it away unless someone wants ...

Chrony Cable...
Greetings all, I have a Shooting Chrony Beta Master unit. It has the capabilities to drag data to a PC. But The cable assy I need is only available from the dealer at $20 plu...

RWS Pistol...
Greetings, Been following the raptor discussions and I only had a .22 RWS Model 54 Rifle. BUT now I am getting the RWS 5G Magnum in .177 and will be needing to get some pelle...

40-year-old Benjamin model 317
I just bought a new Benjamin model 397 to replace my trusty old 1966 Benjamin model 317. I also have a photocopy of the original instruction sheet that came with the Benjamin mode...

I want to buy an air gun (pistol) for target shooting in my back yard. My Home Owners Association will allow air guns if they are reasonably quiet. Please let me know which of the many targe...

Prometheus Piledriver pellets - available where?
In the latest Airgun World, we see an article about Prometheus Piledriver pellets. 21gr weight in the .177 size. Anyone have any idea where these could be purchased in USA? TIA.

Used Benjamin Model 317 - .177 cal
09/16/06 One owner -- me. Purchased new in approximately 1965 (my Christmas present). Serial number H252379. It's well used, but still works. Probably could use...

Hunting pellets
I wonder if I go better with Gamo Raptors or Gamo Rockets for hunting medium pest like possums or squirrels with my 850 fps gun. Or any other recommendation? Matt <...

Help In deciding
I need help in deciding which of two pistols to buy. It's a nice dilemma. The first is an IZH 46M. Said to be competition grade accuracy, excellent reviews. The only downside is cumber...

Daystate AirRanger 80 ft/lbs version. How many fps?
I have not seen any figures on this? We're talking about 1300-1400 fps?

Daisy lead free pellets
Daisy is now marketing a lead free (tin alloy) 0.177 pellet at a price of $9.95 for 250. ISTM that these are Daisy's answer to the Gamo Raptor pellets. Has anybody bought/shot some of thes...

Looking to learn
I confess my ignorance and ask for help in learning. What does a compensator do? what does a muzzle brake do? Are they helpful in shooting? Thanks for any responses.

For sale: Weihauch HW45 - Special Edition (.177 & .22 barrels included)
I have a special edition Weihauch HW45 special edition ( brass plates behind the wood handles) and it does come with .177 and .22 barrels. It is in absolutely mint condition and has only fi...

Looking for information about a Sheridan C Series
I was given the above mentioned air rifle and I was hoping someone could tell me some of the basic information about it. Mostly I would like to know how many times it can be pumped up and h...

Using the calculation....feet per second *feet per second* Pellet weight of pellet(in Grains)/450240, you can gauge the muzzle energy of an air rifle, what however is the calculation used ...

Gunpower stealth tuning help...please
I've just myself a second hand Gunpower stealth. I need to tune it properly, I have a chronograph. So what I need is information, manual, instructions etc on how to tune it, correct th...

Wanted: Gunpower air rifle .22, anyone got one for sale?
Hi I'm looking for Gunpower stealth or any other Gunpower air rifle. Has to be .22 With or without scope etc. I Live in the UK Q ----=...

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