.25 cal. conversion kit for the Condor
http://www.custombrakz.com/af.html ANyone tried this yet?

Inexpensive BB shooter
I may be asking for the impossible, but I'm looking for a [relatively] inexpensive (under $100) non-CO2 BB pistol that is fairly accurate (say, within an inch at under 50 feet). Does such an...

Advice/opinion on pistol
I am trying to decide on a pistol purchase. One is the IZH 46M. The other three are from Mountain Air. They are the 1750, 2240 or 1740. It will be used primarily for target shooting with the...

Diana 46 Stutzen
I was wondering if anyone had any comments on the Diana Model 46 Stutzen variation (the one with the full-length Mannlicher-style stock all the way to the muzzle). I always liked t...

Daisy 717 accurizing article
I have posted this on the Files section of the Yahoo group AIRGUNMODS if anyone else is interested. -- - - Rex B

Changing valve
Do you knbow if there is a manual how tochange the valve on a Umarex 850 Air Magnum? There is a 16 joule valve available as sparepart and I would like to knopw how easy it is to change tha...

Price for Crosman Mark II .177 Target Pistol
Hello All, I have a 1980 Crosman MK II .177 Target Pistol that I bought new in 1980. It has less than 200 rounds through it. There are one or two minor paint chips on it, the ca...

FOR SALE: match grade air pistol in Illinois
I have a Baikal IZH-46M match grade .177 air pistol for sale. Date of manufacture 04/2002. This is the "M" suffix model which has improvements over he old IZH-46. I shot about 12,...

Unofficial 'oompf' testing
Did a little testing today on knockdown power at range. For this test, I chose my AAS400C. It's a 12fpe gun and laser accurate. I chose this gun over a springer because precision was neede...

I need help from this group. My home owners association will not allow bb or pellet guns in the development. They will permit airsoft. I have seen airsoft guns advertised as high as several ...

Air Arms S310 problems
My two S310's have given continuous trouble with fill valves leaking. Currently costs me 10 per fill as I have to replace the valve each time. Anyone know of a mod to cure this? Tony ...

Raptor update
Just thought I'd post some interesting findings today I made on the Raptor. As stated in a prior post, I have tried this pellet in several of my guns, all with the same results, out to 16 ...

more pellets qustion
Newbie question: for hunting rats, would you prefer a 8 gr. hollow point or a 16 gr. roundhead pellet? Im using a 4.5 mm 7,5 joule airgun: Thanks in advance Matt Kramer <...

Daisy 717 owners?
Anyone else here have a Daisy 7X7 pistol? I've been playing with mine a bit and would like to discuss mods -- - - Rex B Fort Worth TX

Effects of Pellet sizing
Just wondering... Has anyone in the group done any experiments on the effects of pellet head or skirt sizing? How does sizing the head or skirt effect velocity or accuracy? ...

WEhat Happened?
I miss the ediscussions here. The silence is overwhelming.

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G&P ACOG clone wanted
Sony rep will trade a like new in the box Sony touch screen programable AV remote for a G&P ACOG clone in similar condition. The remote has a MSRP of $199.99 and has only been used as a sale...

Air Soft
I would like to know more about air soft guns. How are they different from a regular air gun? Are they accurate enough to shoot a 2" group at 10 meters? Anything you can tell me about them w...

IZH-61 Magazines?
Hi! I was wondering if anyone has found other sources for the little plastic five-round magazines or clips for the Baikal IZH-61 air rifle? Pyramid Air has them on their website at $5...

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Ballistic Coefficient...
Can some one point me to OR enlighten me on the term Ballistic Coefficient? I found a chart that contained specific pellet, Pellet weight, speed, and BC. The BC seemed to change either wi...

Up Early aren't you Ernie?
This is a multi-part message in MIME format. ------=_NextPart_000_0064_01C6BD03.D2D0D210 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit ...

California Laws on BB/Air Guns
I currently live in Los Angeles County in the state of California. I've been considering purchasing a BB gun or air rifle for hobby/sport. So far the state and federal government sites that...

Daisy 617x
After much thought about the choice of a starter air gun I am considering the Daisy 617x. I like the front sight. I haven't been able to find a review that deals with it's accuracy except fo...

RWS 9B Pistol Repair
Can anyone point me to either a repair center in the U.S. for this gun, or, preferably, a parts list and assembly/disassembly instructions?

Gamo Raptor MFG Info...
Test made with the air rifle Gamo Hunter Pro cal .177(4.5mm) MUZZLE 10 YARDS 30 YARDS CAL. .177 (4.5mm) Air Gun Pellet Velocity, (f.p.s) 1200 1088 8...

Remington Summit
Hi, New to the group here. I recently purchased a Remington Summit from the local sporting goods store. I was initially impressed with the build quality, but found that I had...

Software for Air Gunners...
Have any of you knowledgeable shooters used AirGun 7.5.2 from Pellant Air Gun? I found this on the Web in May and it has a lot of good info. It does not have the Raptor data in this, but may...

More Advice For A Newbie
The IZH 46M seems to be a good choice for me. It has no scope rails. As a beginnng airgun sgooter with a background in service revolvers, would the red dot scope improve my shooting? What ab...

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