Need some advice on a choice between 3 air-rifles.
I would love some input on which is the best of the 3 rifles listed below.All three are 1000fps - break-barrel rifles. 1.Bejamin Legacy 1000X 2.Crosman Quest 10...

Needed front sight hood for Slavia airgun.
Hi, I have a Slavia 624 that is missing the front sight hood, is there any place that something like that can be found? Thanks, Scott..

Air Guns and Accessories
If you are looking for air guns, sporting goods, and gun accessories, check out the new web site This site contains links and advertisers of sporting goods an...

My group
Hey everyone join my group... Hunting Pigeons,Crows, and Coyotes. Please and thank you. Jonesy

any one can Recommend a good bb rifle
hi im looking to buy a bb rifle. one that is under $120 and does not use co2. im looking for the kind where you pump like compressed air.

Benjamin Legacy or Winchester 1000SB
I'm looking at high-power barrel-cockers in the $150 range locally. Local store has the following: Benjamin Legacy $139.97 Winchester 1000SB $149.99 Both are .177, 1000...

Dots or Blade Sights
I was wondering what most people prefer on their handguns these days, in the visual department. Some people are diehards on slot/blade sights, while others like all ...

Daisy 717 upgrades?
I've had this gun for 3 decades or so, haven't paid it much attention of late. But it's only had a few hundred pellets through it since new. I'd like to know if there are any easy upgrades...

Best value PCP - any ideas?
So far, I'm considering Webley Raider or the BSA Hornet. Must be light and effin accurate. Don't give a monkeys about multishot. Anyone out there with experience of these rifles? Or any othe...

Raccoon problem
I've been reading various opinions on keeping pests away, too many -really, such that I've gotten myself confused. I've got a raccoon problem. I don't want to maim them, but do want them t...

F.S. S&W and Beeman Pellet Pistols.
F S: S&W Model 586, .177 pellet, CO2 with 6 inch barrel. ABSOLUTELY LIKE NEW with 5 Cylinder magazines, 10 shots each. Includes 18 CO2 cartridges and original tin of S & W Pellets (only...

Crosman Power Master 760 With No Patent Number
I'm looking for Parts and a Manual.. Where Can I get a Schematic for an Old Airgun Like this One?

EAA Drozd full-auto BB gun why is there 2 are they the same?
i was on and i found 2 EAA Drozd full-auto BB gun are thet the same? here is the first 1 i found

Webley O-ring needed
Anyone have a U.S source for spare parts for a Webley Longbow? I need a replacement breech O-ring. -- Purphekt

I need some people to come to my group. it is an airsoft forum.

Dutch Airgun Forum
Hello Airgunners, Great forum in dutch about airgunning. Hope you have something about it. Lubbert

Interested in a BSA TechStar PCP ??
Anyone interested in a New BSA Techstar with everythin included the Tank & Filler gauge 4-5 tins of .22cal pellets ?? has Scope this gun is perfect please email me with a good offer

.177 Cal pellets
I know I should have gotten a .22 cal. air rifle to start with. But I think I got a good deal on a Rws Model 40 with scope . It was a .177 cal though. It's hard to find any different ...

Need info - Walther Twin-CO2 Air Rifle - Model 94
Just curious as to what others who have had experince with this gun,have to say about it.I have a Winchester 1894 30-30,but ya just can't go practicing in your back yard..LOL

friend's spyder doesn't cock back (it's semi)
alright, so my friend and i were playing and all of a sudden his spyder stops cocking itself and his Co2 wasn't the problem, we took it apart but we didn't know what we were doing, still sho...

leakage on CP88 airpistol
Hi, I have a walther CP88 Co2 gun and if not used for a month or two the capsules in the gun seem to empty themselves out. the gun itself has not had so much use, probably 10 capsules used i...

AirSource cylinders
X-No-Archive: yes Does anyone know how long an airsource cylinder can be left attached to a crosman ratcatcher or 1077? I can see my self using a whole one in a shooting s...

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