RE: Drozd Mods
Hello every on Just put in order for Drozd with all the Extras, Barrell adapter, Suppresor, Extra Clip and Extra Loader I have 30 Plus Co2 cartages Just waiting and about 10,000 BBs of Dif...

Wanted:Seal kit for Older Model Powerline 880
Seal kit for Older Model Powerline 880 with metal reciver Lot# H119259 Please send inf. or Price to [email protected] -- Tom State Rd. 19 N. Elk...

Chinese "Sea Lion"
This gun looks similar to a Model B2-1 from what I have found searching the web. It was found along the roadside by my kids and has a broken piston and the leather seal is in pieces. Any ide...

Lube Overhaul for Beeman R-1
Hi all, I've had my Beeman R-1 for about 8 years now, and it really hasn't been shot all that much, perhaps 1500-2000 rounds total. Lately, I went to use the gun again after about...

I am looking for a chrono to measure the velocity of airgun pellets. Reply to [email protected] Thanks, Ernie

Red Neck Dealer Breaks my RWS 52 Air Rifle? Cabelas Saves the Day?
The first time I tried my RWS 52, I didnt know to press the release near the breech, and very slightly bent the cocking rod. Fortunately, I figured this out, took it out and straighten...

What Would "Q" Put on 007's RWS Air Rifle?
Hello Everyone I am trying to decide on a new air rifle and enjoyed trying out a sidelever cocking RWS 52 in .22 caliber from Cabelas recently. However, the scope that came ...

And the truth shall set ye free Uncle Normie

F/S: RWS 350 Magnum
RWS 350 Magnum .177 caliber. Just bought last month, can still be registered for warranty in the new owner name. Like new, never out of the house, about 150 pellets through it. It...

replacing lead pellets with tin
i'm told there is a lightweight non-lead 4.5mm (.177) made of tin or something similar for use in the walther cp88. are there any advantages to using these instead of the usual lead p...

NBA Basketball 2005, anyone played it yet?
Everyone's been talking about how you can download the NBA Basketball 2005 sim game from your cell phone. I think you have to send a text to NBA 69847. Has anyone tried it yet? I want to giv...

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popular dovetail size for mounting optics?
I just got a Beeman P1 that has 11mm dovetail rails on the frame. I think I want to put a red dot scope on it. I have a Weaver style reddot that is too big for the rails on my gun. So my ...

Selling Walther CP99
Just don't use it anymore!. Military olive green/black version with 3 No 8 shot pellet drums and box of CO2 cartridges. Red dot/laser mounting rail included. 55 + postage.

sheridan repair
My silverstreak wont hold air pressure for more than one hour. Any home remedies for this? If not where can I have it resealed? It is too old for factory service. Thanks Dave ...

Crosman C40 accuracy question
Hi, sorry to use Google Groups but my normal news provider doesn't get access to this group (grr). Question about my new Crosman C40 pistol. I had previously bought a Crosman Rep...

Mainspring for Daisy Powerline 1000
I need a mainspring for a Daisy Powerline 1000. The spring is 13 inches long, 3/4 inch OD, 1/2 inch ID, and formed from 1/8 diameter inch wire. It has 44 coils and the ends are polished and...

Sheridan silver streak
A couple of questions. I found a silver streak in a abondoned house about twenty years ago, I sent it to the factory for new seals,then put it away. Recently I started shooting the gun but...

F/S Gamo 220 Hunter Combo
Gamo 220 Hunter Combo Bought new about 3 weeks ago. Warranty card can still be sent in under new owner's name. Only about 100 pellets through it. Gamo 220 h...

F/A: NIB Crosman Red Dot Sight CHEAP!!!!

Scope for Springer XS-BS-1
Could anyone recommend a Scope or Red Dot for the Chinese Airgun Model (AK47) XS-B3-1. Something up to $100 or less.

Squirrel Kills - 23 so far
Just bragging again. Squirrel population is lessening. And maybe they are learning to stay away from my yard (I won't shoot them unless they are in my yard or will fall in my yard or al...

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