Help! Jammed Crosman 2100 barrel
Well, letting the kids use yer favorite plinker can lead to problems. My nephews tried "alternate" ammunition. They snipped Q tips apart and stuffed several in the barrel. Apparently...

Any Canadians Here Who Successfully Ordered an Airgun From the US?
If so, I'd like to hear from you. Please post what you ordered and from what company. Thanks. Looking into getting something from the US but it looks like a MAJOR hassle (e.g. require...

Crosman 795
Anybody have an opinion on this gun?? Thanks

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source for metallic silhouettes
I'm looking for a source of metallic silhouette targets. I had some alloy ones along while back but they broke after repeated hits. Thanks.

What maintenance is required?
My Gamo didn't come with any maintenance instructions. I did get a kit to wipe down the barrel and clean the inside of the barrel. But what about the trigger? Does it need oil? Grease? Any o...

Airgun Plans.
Where can you find plans for an airgun?

High Score 826
Gentlemen and Fair Ladies, A friend has inherited a High Score 826. This looks to be a high quality pistol reminisant of one marked Winchester that a friend had a few years ago. ...

Building a Vertical Wood Gun Rack for Air Rifles
Building a Vertical Wood Gun Rack After searching the web for designs, pictures and ideas for building a rack for my air rifles, I was able to finalize the idea, plotted the design a...

Crow Call CD & Tape
I Have a Crow Call CD & Tape that i made it is not a copy i put alot of time into the making of this recording i am offering it forsale US ONLY for $6.00 SHIPPED send me an e-mail to ge...

Air gun shows.
Sept. 25 TOY GUN & BB GUN SHOW American Legion Post 68 Wooster, OH contact Ron Wright 330 - 624 - 3741 ************************************************************...

Reason for barrel droop
I have mounted scopes on two underlever guns recently. On each gun the barrel pointed downhill relative to the receiver. The muzzle was typically about 1/4 inch lower than the breech. I cou...

Allentown Gun Show
I went to the Allentown Pa. Gun Show yesterday. I would guess that there were about one hundred vendors there, and about one thousand firearms for sale. I could only find three vendors with ...

Crosman 38T
Just picked up a 38T Target .177 in nice shape. Shoots great, but I can't make it do single action - the hammer doesn't stay back. Double action is fine. Any ideas? Les

- - REPOST - - Air GUN Regulations Proposed in Chico California
****** [Still Think "Gun Control" Doesn't Pertain to you?] ****** Council Committee Approves Regulations on Air Guns --By ARI COHN - Staff Writer --Article Last Updated:...

. . . . UPI News; Supreme Court Allows Gun Lawsuit
Calif. Gun Suit to Go Forward --Jan. 10, 2005 WASHINGTON, Jan. 10 (UPI) -- The U.S. Supreme Court Monday ...

. . . . Yahoo! News; Daley's 'New' Gun Control Plan is 'Same Old Extremism,' Says Citizens Committee
Daley's 'New' Gun Control Plan is 'Same Old Extremism,' Says Citizens Committee --Wed Jan 12, 7:13 PM ET --To: State and City Desk --Contact: Alan Gottlieb or Joe Waldron, 425-454-...

. . . . Yahoo! News; UN Launches Condom Cartoons - "Shaft, Stretch and Dick"
THE NEW WORLD DISORDER --United Nations' --cartoon condoms --Global body unveils Shaft, Stretch and Dick in TV ads pushing AIDS-prevention message --Posted: January 13, 2005 <...

Arthritis wont go away so the rifle has to go. Can't use it anymore. Falcon FN19 .177 single shot Nikko Sterling goldcrown 4x12x40 scope. Quick fill, pump and 3 litre bottle(out of test but ...

Chinese B-4-2 Parts
I am looking for a replacement piston assembly for a Chinese B-4-2. I would appreciate any leads on where to buy it. Thanks,. Ernie

Advertised Velocity for Gammo CFX
I have had a CFX for a while now. I just got a chrono for Christmas because I started reloading. I tested the chrono against my Gamo and the velocity for various pellets was consistently aro...

air gun training
I'm setting up a 10M indoor range in the basement for my son(12) and myself to target shoot air rifle. He is going out for the school .22 rifle team in high school and I want to start trai...

- - - Yahoo! News; Henry McDaniel Killed by New Years Bullet
Orlando man killed by stray bullet during New Year's Celebration ---Posted on Mon, Jan. 03, 2005 ---Associated Press ...

- - - Yahoo! News; South Africa Engages in "Illegal" Gun Amnesty Program
South Africa offers Gun Amnesty Pretoria, South Africa, Jan. 2 (UPI) -- A national amnesty has been adopted for Sou...

- - - Yahoo! News; Report Shows GUN CONTROL is a FAILURE!! - National Academy of Sciences
WEAPONS OF CHOICE ---Gun control doesn't reduce crime, violence, say studies ---National Academy of Sciences, Justice Dept. reports find no benefits to restricting ownership of firearms...

- - - Yahoo! News; Sandy Froman - Future NRA President
Tucson resident will lead NRA ---Froman aims to change its image ---Chip Scutari ---The Arizona Republic ---Jan. 2, 2005 12:00 AM

- - - Yahoo! News; Doctors Kill More People a Year Than Guns - Nathan Tabor
Doctors Kill More People a Year Than Guns ---Nathan Tabor ---The Sierra Times ---Commentary ---This Article Published 12. 29. 04 at 18:09

- - - NRA News; DOJ "The Second Amendment secures a right of individuals generally..."
"The Second Amendment secures a right of individuals generally, not a right of States or a right restricted to persons serving in militias." -US Dept. of Justice August 24, 2004 h...

- - - NRA-ILA; Register to VOTE! Get Ready for The Next Elections!!!!!!!
Register to VOTE ONLINE!!!! ---Get Ready for the NEXT Liberal Purge! -- ..HarryUSA ..YIM: harryusa1776 .....

- - - NRA-News; NRA NEWS ONLINE!!!
See NRA News ONLINE!!! -- ..HarryUSA ..YIM: harryusa1776 ..NRA Life Member ..Webpage: http://homepa...

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