Interesting web site
Hey, I ran across this web site and it has some interesting info on it. In particular, I've found the table of airgun velocities to be...

Best pellet for your gun?
I'm very happy with my Gamo Varmint Hunter. I'm glad I bought three different brands and styles of pellets when I bought the gun. It turns out that the Crosman Copperheads work much better w...

tsunami - a small gesture
Folks, I have been thinking for days about what I can do to help with the tsunami, and apart from donating money, couldn't come up with a hell of a lot. Then I saw an articl...

Standard vs Carbine
What difference does the barrel length make between a standard air rifle and the carbine version of the same weapon, apart from needing a bit more room for cocking (break-barrel)? I'm looki...

Anyone Use a PCP ?
Just Bought A BSA Techstar .22cal And i Love it Very Very Accurate shoots right at 1000fps @ 30FPE i am so Impressed with this rifle anyone elese have one ?

Gamo 220 Hunter?
Are the Gamo 220 Hunter air rifle any good? Any comment, good or bad welcome.

Squirrel Kills III: I'm learning...
Hey all, Just me & my XS-B21 again. Yes, bragging, just so you'll know. Well, I have hunted some more and gotten a total of 11 squirrels with my spring-air .177 in approx...

christmas airguns
So, who got a new gun for christmas this year then ? ;-) Ally.

Need advice for Gamo scope
I recently purchased a Gamo Varmint Stalker .122 airgun. I installed the scope per the instructions, but the switches for the laser and light don't stick to the stock. They came unstuck shor...

Removing rust spots
Any ideas on how to remove the rust spots from the suface without damaging the finish...or is it to late? Quick

Career 707 shop manual and mods?
If I were to attempt to upgrade the muzzle velocity of a Career 707 is there an exploded drawing of the pneumatics anywhere on the web? I see at least one European vendor selling exhaust v...

killing sea gulls
I've gots a sea gull infestation here. want to drop a few dozen of 'em, maybe cook 'em and eat 'em. which air guns, if any, are effective on these birds? [PS: how about ducks?]

FX tank size
Does anyone know, or know where to find the volume of the FX Cyclone tank?? Also at what pressure does the velocity start to fall off? I'll get it figured out eventually. Just won...

Squirrel Kills: Part Deaux
Got another squirrel just before sunset tonight. I missed him on the first shot, apparently cuz I was too close. I reloaded the B21 and found him higher in the tree. I fired and he drop...

Daisy Powerline Model 41
I had a customer GIVE me a Daisy Powerline Model 41 that he has had since high school. Said he has not shot it in years. It is in pretty good condition but need seals since it won't hold gas...

- - - Yahoo! News; Mexican Drug Gangs Target U.S. Citizens for Kidnap
Mexican Drug Gangs Target U.S. Citizens for Kidnap --Fri Dec 17,12:37 PM ET --U.S. National - Reuters a...

- - - Yahoo! News; Police Arrest Clerk, Say Shooting Not Self-Defense
Police Arrest Clerk, Say Shooting Not Self-Defense --Fri Dec 17,12:00 PM ET Local --KOCO

- - - Yahoo! News; San Francisco Bureaucrats Propose Gun Ban
San Francisco Supervisors Propose Gun Ban --Associated Press n.htm SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - Cit...

- - - Yahoo! News; Smart Gun Recognises its Owner
Smart gun recognises its owner --Tim Radford --Friday December 17, 2004 --The Guardian,2763,1375736,00.html?gusrc=rss US scienti...

- - - Yahoo! News; Study Shows GUN CONTROL Doesn't Work!
Data found lacking on effects of gun control efforts ---The Associated Press ---USA Today ---Posted 12/16/2004 12:11 PM

- - - Yahoo! News; N.Y. Recalls 20th Anniversary of Goetz
N.Y. Recalls 20th Anniversary of Goetz --By The Associated Press - CBS NEW YORK Twen...

22 Cal barrel dimensions
I would appreciate it if someone could tell me what the nominal groove/land diameters are for a 22 al airgun barrel. TIA, Ernie

Squirrel Kills with XS-B21 in .177
Hey! Before I go any further, I'm just bragging stop reading if you don't want to listen to me crow. I was thick with squirrels and all I had was an OLD .22 Benjamin ...

Tau-7 match pistol for sale
Like new with all factory acc. in hard case.Left hand grips (right hand availible) See at pyrimid arms .com $300 I will ship Thanks Paul [email protected]

TAU-7 For Sale
Used very little -comes with detachable weights and bulk tank and hard case See at Pyramid arms .com "Tau-7 match" $300 i will ship Paul

Calling Quick . .
Hey! Quick, hows things going? If you remember . . a while back, you had a scope centering + alignment problem, and i posted you a mail with a picture of a scope centering jig i m...

frustrated with co2 guns
I own a crosman 357. It is the second 357 I have owned. I have shot it maybe a dozen times, but I have owned it for about 2 years. Yesterday, when I took it out, it leake...

Gamo Shadow 1000 vs. Daisy Powerline 1000S
I took my daughter and her Daisy Buck out for an afternoon of plinking this weekend. I grabbed my dad's old Sheridan Blue Streak (I had somehow destroyed all of my old airguns over the years...

Gamo Shadow 1000 vs. Daisy Powerline 1000S
I took my daughter and her Daisy Buck out for an afternoon of plinking this weekend. I grabbed my dad's old Sheridan Blue Streak (I had somehow destroyed all of my old airguns over the years...

- - Who is Kimberly Rhode?
News and Press Releases --Kimberly Rhode and Winchester AA win Gold in Athens! --8/18/2004 Kimberly Rhode, USA Shootin...

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