Returning Plinker
hey there I intend to return to air shooting in the near future and I caint remember how to calculate foot pounds, I know its something to do with the grain weight of the pellet...

What's up with FX?
Hey, In doing my homework to try and figure out which PCP to get (first, that is ;) ), there's just too much odd about FX. 1. It appears that FX makes guns not just...

If I am not Persona Non Gratis around here......
Has anyone ever seen a Sterling HR81? My neighbor down the street has one and I have never seen anything like it. It has the most beautiful blueing on it I have seen on a gun. And it ...

Pistol power
I recently bought a C225 Pistol with the 4" barrel (my first pistol) and was a bit surprised at the loud crack when firing, it being louder than my .22 rifle. The pellets also hit the bac...

Cocking Effort question: Beeman R1 Vs. R9
Folks, I was wondering if anyone out there familiar with the Beeman R1 and R9 could share information on the level of difficulty or ease involved in cocking these air rifles. The ...

Types of Airgun Ammo
Just doing some what iffing this morning... The normal type of airgun ammo are wadctter, round nose, hollow point, pointed and round balls. In addition there are some steel pointed lea...

- - Yahoo! News; Council Committee Approves Regulations on Air Guns
Council Committee Approves Regulations on Air Guns --By ARI COHN - Staff Writer --Article Last Updated: Thursday, November 11, 2004 - 12:02:29 AM PST,14...

- - Air Gun Owners Should Join NRA
Air Gun Owners! Have you thought of joining the National Rifle Association? Why? If the Gun grabbers could ban firearms, don't you think they would ban air-guns n...

Home Shop Quote Site
Home Shop Quote Site For all Home Shops check out this forum machined_hobbiest Here you can make connections with people who are looking to have parts made. Job Requesters ca...

wall @ 530
I've been playing with my Marksman 2004 and really enjoy spending quality time with it. Been punching 10 meter targets and my score has leveled off at about 530 (mostly 9s with some 10s and ...

Airgun shipping
I need to send a 1377c air pistol to Crosman for service. Any thoughts on the best way to do this would be appreciated. USPS appears to call "airguns" "firearms" and for the most part do not...

2240 Seal Replacement
I don't always learn things the hard way, but as a newby to air-guns, I left the CO2 cartridge in my Crosman 2240 too long, and when I finally pulled it out, the seal came with it (OK, it wa...

Crosman 766, leftover part
I inherited a Crosman 766 from my father, which I didn't even know he had. I found it with the barrel plugged with pellets and some of the parts unassembled inside the receiver. I rammed ou...

Which PCP??
Hey, The boss caved and she said I can get a PCP gun. Now I can't decide which one. What do you guys think? Air Arms S410e? FX Tarantula? or ...

crane accident
the recent post on riggers nightmares , reminded me of a pretty good site also search goggle images for crane accident pulls up some real nice ones as ...

*** what do i have??? ***
at a "flea" market today I bought a Crossman"177" model # 111,serial # 213xxx.. when were they made? how fast does it shoot,, is there a repair kit necessary for the seals? whe...

Crosman 1077 bulk
Hey, I posted here a while back that I'd gotten new receiver parts to fix my Crosman 1077. Well, I got them put in and while I was at it I modified the gun for a Cooper-T...

Crosman 1377c disassembly
I am trying to remove the barrel from a 1377c and can't seem to figure it out. I have the gun taken apart to where the compressed air cylinder and barrel are separated from the frame, but ca...

Anics SKIF A-3000LB question
Can someone tell me what's SKIF A-3000LB main body make by what material??? Where I can found it in USA??? I've checked with but they said they could not carry the mo...

Updated Beeman Pricing Chart
For US buyers, I've updated the Beeman pricing chart for Q4. Hardly any price changes. I have updated the dealer listing and the notes. Hope it's a useful reference. http://...

THANKS for the help!
Thanks for your suggestions. Bought the gun and happy with it.

Question about gas ram air guns
Can you a dot sight like BSA or other dot scopes on the Rx2 or other. Air guns that have retro fited with a gas ram sysm? Herman

Crosman service
Hi, My trusty crusty Crosman 1077 broke a few weeks back. It was a flange in the right hand receiver that holds the CO2 valve. I got on their web site and filled in a se...

Muzzle brake Gamo 220
Got a little Gamo 220 I am dressing up and took the front sight off it and am wanting to put a muzzle brake on. Anyone done this? Will the Beeman universal muzzle brake work? I cant find a...

Gas rams
I am not sure if that is the right term. I have had it with spring guns and break barrels. Another thing I'm tired of, barrel droop. My RWS 48 broke its third spring. My Simmons air rifle ...

Quick's rifle selection?
Hey Quick! A while ago you were asking for reviews on a air arms 410 (or similar) - i'm just wondering if you have reached a final choice on the rifle yet? if so, which rifle did ...

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Airgun advice / comparison
I am looking for a not so bad airgun for occasional hunting. Dont want to go overboard on the spending so I have searched the net and here I am. I found 2 models that seam to give alot of va...

Best Ammo For Pigeons
What kind of .177 ammo do some of you recommend for pigeon control? I just purchased my first adult airgun, a Benjamin Legacy 1000 in .177 caliber. So far, the performance on pigeons has b...

Did BB's shrink?
A while back, I put new seals in an old Benjamin Model E BB rifle that had been made somewhere early in the last century. (If anybody's curious, a google search of this group for "Shoo...

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