Mounting scope Help
Folks, I just got 3-7X32 Bushnell Spportsman [model# 72-0039] for my 177 Supersport and have this basic question regarding the settings for windage and elevation. How do I know w...

FS : Tasco Silver Antler 4x40 Scope

Chasing away deer with an air pistol
I have several bird feeders in my back yard and these two bold deer (a doe and mostly grown fawn) come repeatedly and chow down on the seed. I am sure they think it was put there just for th...

Airgun Pellets in East Surrey
If you live in the Oxted/Godstone area of Surrey and are fed up with not being able to buy pellets anywhere, you can now get Air Arms pellets from D W Ayliffe in Oxted. No other brands are...

trigger pull
i bought the Gamo shadow 1000, will anyone tell me where to get info, or get the trigger pull lightened?? thank you carl / dee hollywood, alabama ffffffffffffffffffffffffff...

Can I use air-guns to fight sandniggers ???
These damned sand-niggers are everywhere and I need some defence !

Pellet weights
Hi there Could you guys offer some advice please. I have just purchased my first spring powered air rifle and I'm totally confused as to what weight pellet I should be aimin...

Crosman Copperhead: 10.5 gr instead of 7.9 ?
I bought 2 tin boxes of .177 Crosman Copperhead pellets - Pointed and Wadcutter, 250 in each box. According to the specs, they both should be 7.9 grains:

QB 78 Tune
I got my very first QB 78 on Sunday and want to get it tuned. I see there are three major places to get this done. C02une Mac 1 charliedatuna If anyone has had the...

PING: PaX Do you still read here? Thanks John (friend of C.Y) -- (Disclaimer) This post may or may not be correct in format or content.

Old Garmin 90...updates??
I have an old (1995) Garmin 90 which I used to use in my aeroplane. I had an odd occurence of the unit dumping all of it's pre installed way points (which H Mendelsshon thought I'd caused...

Gamo V3
I read 2 different and each excellent reviews on the NEW Gamo V3 air pistol.. Now asside from, compaseco, etc, are there retailers in the Massachusetts area that carr...

Gas Rams
I know little about air rifles but I am thinking of buying a 0.25 BSA Lightning (UK based). I note that 'gas rams' are available for this model. Can anyone please advise whether gas rams a...

Barrel Shortening
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gamo 1000???
I have been looking to buy the gamo 1000,either with or without the scope with laser.. what are the thoughts of some in this group??? after intensive looking on internet sites, I can't ...

JOHN KERRY'S 2 decade long U.S. Senate record of opposing SECOND AMENDMENT rights makes him the most ANTI-GUN candidate in history !!!! Here is the proof: FACT: Kerry co-sponosors...

S410 question
With all the chatter about Air Arms S410, I did a little looking. Then a little more. Now it's pretty much to the covet/lust stage, but I have a question. I see 'FAC' tossed in he...

Scope Reference
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COM : Air Rifle & Pistols (UK) Air rifles, Air pistols, Ammunition Paypal or Nochex with NO Surcharges Excellent Prices Fixed Price delivery Regardless of weight !! <...

FS UK: Theoben Rapid 7
Hi, I am in the uk and I am selling a Theoben Rapid 7 with upgraded Vortex silencer, fantastic Zero Option 6-24x50 scope, two 7 shot mags, and charging bottle adaptor thats fits t...

Pre-charged guns
I know nothing about them. If I go ahead and get the S410, what other expenses can I expect? I know I will need to get a suba tank...I was looking at ones on ebay earlier. What is it I am lo...

falcons air rifles
Hi, can anyone tell me if this is still falcon air rifles address, unit 20 the gateway estate, Birmingham international airport, Birmingham,B26 3qd. Thanks

Air gun: rifling and loss of pressure
Moved it here from rec.guns forum. I bought a Daisy Powerline 177X air rifle (10-stroke pump), my first ever air gun, and found 2 things that bother me: 1. I cannot see trac...

Accuracy theory
I was wondering how this fits in to the conventional wisdom on the human element of accuracy. My wobble is about .5 inches at 20 yds and thus I figure that even with another .2 inch...

Need info on S&W 77A
I'm looking for service information and parts for a Smith & Wesson 77A .22 air rifle. Parts are no longer available from S&W. I don't even have a user's manual. Any literature or knowleg...

Outdoor target shooting
I would like to do some target shooting outdoors with my .177 air rifle (no hunting, just bottles, cans, etc). What would be my options ? Are there any National Parks that have dedicated sho...

Motorcycle alarm - with a bang.
I came across this the other day and figured I would share it with you guys. if you like the idea most of you would not have to buy it I am willing to bet you could probably make it. <...

looking for a Weihrauch Air Rifle .22
hi ppl i'm looking for a Weihrauch .22 rifle can any one recommend any dealers in west yorks or lancashire area. or if any one has a decent second hand one for sale. later. ...

Air-rifle scope
Any recommendations on a scope for a Gamo Hunter (.177 cal.) rifle for plinking at varmits or targets. Don't want to pay more than about $150, preferably less and get a good one. Is that p...

I need help in choosing a gun for my needs.
Hello everyone: ok here is what I would like. I just bought a motorcycle and feel it is only a matter of time until someone tries to take it. I used to have a bb gun man...

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