Crosman 760B barrel
--------------0BE9DDBB4D9D9F996DD17EA4 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit I have an old Crosman 760B air rifle that belonged to my da...

Original 66 match rifle,recoiless 2 piston type
has anybody dismantled the cylinder/piston assembly,I have a diagram but no instructions?. TK

Hollow bolt probe?
I am in the final fitting stages of my cutstom retrofit and need some feedback on whether I did it right or wrong. I have an old SSP-250 with a broken loading gate (never did like that...

Hi I would like to buy a silencer for my Webley Patriot .25, does anyone know where I could find one? Webley did not answer my email. BR Pekka

If I might ask one more question?
I want to replace the breech on both the 2240 and 2260. I have found two places that offer it. One from CO2une (Rinobreech) and the other from The Crooked Barn (Ultimate Breech ).

Mounting a scope
I finally got the scope mounts for my 2260 but once I attached them to the gun...the scope is so FAR off the mark that I can't get it zeroed. And when I say it is off...I'm talking 12-16 inc...

Crossman contact info?
I've found lots of places selling Crossman air guns online, but haven't been able to locate any conact info for the company. Anyone care to point me in the right direction? I'm trying to get...

Crosman 2100 Stock Mods.
I have a Crosman 2100. Its plastic stock is correct for shooting with the iron sights. I fitted the gun with a scope, and the comb of the stock is not high enough to get a good "spot weld" w...

Easy money with Paypal
Interested in making some extra free money along side of what you are already doing? After all, we could all use some extra income, no matter what we do. How does $10,000 in two weeks sound?...

Benjamin AirSource 392 - co2 powered
Has anyone shot or have any comments about the co2 powered Benjamin 392 in .22 caliber. I have a 900fps .177 break barrel rifle, but its heavy, hard to shoot, and lacks a little i...

First Rifle
Hi. I have been lent a Westlake B2 177 as a trial. I would like some ideas on first rifle, I quite like this one as I only require target practice. The price seems to vary quite a...

Lead Free Pellets
Anybody use thes in the field? Here is the description: Lead-Free Hunting Pellets Expect up to 20% greater velocity, dramatically enhanced penetration and extreme accur...

Baikal 512M question
Anyone out there own one of these? Mine was purchased as a light weight hunting / plinking gun. The trouble is it only does around 7flbs from new. It came with a spare spring, do you think...

info on pre charged pneumatics
where can I find info on precharged air rifkles such as what to use to recharge, which rifles are more reliable and or better made, thanks

Beeman pricing chart
Could someone please repost the link to the Beeman R-7 pricing chart? Thanks. Quick

22 caliber round ball ammo Question?
What is the avg. weight of 22caliber round ball ammo for airguns? Thanks for any help given Herman Edwards


New Guy In The Group.... High Power Airguns
Anybody here using an RWS 5G Diana? Its pretty cool looking, and the muzzle velocity os more than the pump guns I used when I was a kid. I was thinking it might be fun to plink with at the...

FX Xterminator
When is this awesome looking gun going to be available?

Looking for an auction site where I can auction off my vintage Crosman
Tried ebay. The software warned that most likely my ad would be blocked or later pulled. Any ideas?

another test
No new posts for 2 days... testing testing 1-2-3 is it just me?

Buddy Bottle Refills From Tank
Does anyone have a spreadsheet/program for calculating how many refills of a buddy bottle a scuba tank will give? Input variables would be volume of both tanks, start pressure etc.

OK....can someone give me an Idea of what distance you shoot targts at? I mean pistol vs rifle, co2 vs pump? Indoor vs outdoor? Thanks

Gamo g-1200
I found some confusing data of the Gamo G-1200 air rifle. Sometimes I find the speed =170 m/s sometimes 300 m/s. What is the truth. On the GAmo site i cannot find anything about this g1200 ...

Ping: Quick
Ok Quick My friend...I think I will try this, give me an Idea what to look for in a pistol for indoor use only.....

Starting Recommendation Needed
I am looking to purchase a BB/Pellet gun for my son. I have many handguns and rifles but he wants to shoot in the basement and I figured that the BB/pellet gun would be the best option. Th...

shooting targets
Could you guys and girls out there please look at my target on ebay and give some feedback on the product. I have just made it and want to know if you think its any good. Who better to ask ...

no posts last 2 days on my news server.... testing testing 1-2-3 sorry

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