Crosman Model RM577X Air Rifle
I just purchased a Crossman Model RM577X Air Rifle made by Mendoza Mfg. I like the gun just fine...except that it has an impossible trigger. The specs say 4lb. It feels more like...

FS Walther CP99
Walther CP99 for sale on eBay. Auction ends 9/4/2004.

Holding air pistol correctly for steadyness.
Hi, when holding my air pistol I imitate what I see on how people do it on the television. That is with both hands and the arms extended in front. But from my days of photography, we w...

police find BB guns
Am I the only one to find this report tipping over to the surreal? "POLICE RECOVER WEAPONS CACHE Armed police have recovered a cache of potentially ...

Drulov DU 10
I am looking forward to acquire a semi-automatic airpistol.I would be very interested in receiving some opinion about the CO2 powered Drulov DU 10 five shot .Thanks in advance. ...

Found something fun to shoot at.
I went to a hambuger joint for lunch yesterday. When I got the burger back to work...I saw that the dip shits had put like 20 katchup packages in the bag....and had forget my fries. <...

rifle reccomendation
Hello all just getting back into shooting after a back injury looking for advice on what rifle to get I want it for rabbiting, it needs to be light weight and pre charged, something al...

Co2 pistol. Sound not constant on discharge.
Hi, Have an umarax walther cp88. The sound when fired is often not constant. Sometimes it's quiet when fired, and sometime making quite a noisy bang (like as if you were firing ...

PayPal Trick - This Is NOT BS.txt
Follow the directions below and in two weeks you'll have up to $20000.00 in your PayPal account. There is a very high rate of participation in the program because of its low investment and h...

Weihrauch at Compasseco
I was looking for Weihrauch dealers in the US and it appeared to be limited to PyramidAir. On the Compasseco website they had a Weihrauch link which said, "Coming soon." I wrote them last...

Source For Peep Sight
I have a .177 cal side cocker which is a knock off of an R.W.S. It shoots great but the scope that came with it is / was a joke. I am looking for a source for a rear peep sight / or a re...

Gamo accuracy: help!!
I have a new Gamo 440 Hunter in .22cal. It had fired about 5 sighting rounds when I bought it. It won't shoot. The best I can do off a bench rest is 2" groups at 10 metres, with o...

Question what do you think about XS-50&51 pcp guns
Im thinking about buying one these guns and i would like some input on them. Thanks for your time: Herman

Lubrication for IZH46M
After looking at my manual about care and cleaning I read that it said to use a special type lubricant with a high flash point specifically for use inside of an air compression chamber.

Favorite things to shoot at.
I don't know about anyone here, but I get bored shooting paper targets and empty beer cans. So I experiment with shooting different things. Light bulbs are a favorite. Very satifying P...

Birthday Time
Hi all, I'm in the Essex area and would like to go to a rifle range - .22 or larger - and just have a few hours shooting. You can guess I'm new to this and would appreciate it if ...

FA: Old Crosman Pellet Clips 10-Shot

Green Gas
Can any one tell me what Green Gas actually consists of? The cannister lists no ingredients. -- Gene Seibel Hangar 131 - Because I fly, I en...

US Pricing Guide to Beeman
I've developed a pricing guide to the basic Beeman R series rifles. It's only US dealers ..... that's where I live. I've updated this with hyperlinks, removed duplicates (FSI=AirgunUS...

Greasing & Covering the Stock
Hi Guys, Its been a while since I had the Air Rifle out of the cupboard. I have a couple of questions: 1) Do I need to grease any art of the gun before firing it? Its been about 8 ...

Airgun clubs?
Can anyone tell me if there are any airgun clubs in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area? I googled it and came up empty. If it hard to start one? Quick

Newbie question?
Is there a reasonably priced, very quiet, multi shot PCP rifle suitable for pest control? Or better yet, what is the quietest rifle around? Bill F.

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