Air Pistol
Can anyone tell me what a good pistol with the highest power is? Under $100? TIA KEN

Free Airgun Targets at is currently designing and creating custom targets for the ai gunner to download and use free of charge. We are open for suggestions for future target designs. ...

For Sale: Webley Raider 2 (Walnut) + Silencer
If anyone's interested in a mint condition Webley Raider 2 shot, .22 calibre, walnut stock, plus Webley BBMF silencer please see:

Just a test. sorry for any inconvenience.

Air Gunner
Hey, hows it goin? I have a Crosman 357 kit with the 4", and 8" barrels. Just wanted to say hi to air gunners. Let me know what you have fo equipment --

Re: Question on Beeman GH1000
Last follow up. After getting the R9 Goldfinger .20 cal and putting several hundred pellets through it, I'm way happy. It's not a tack driver (well not at least with the pe...

Pellet questions....
Heres the deal.... Im a newbie to air pistols....first I wanted just to shoot bb's and no pellets.... Now Im finding out that pellets might be a better choice....but I also ...

Beeman P1/P3 info/web sites
I've been shooting a P3 for a few months ( Since my P1 Magnum broke ), and I was rather disappointed in the fact that it stopped shooting after less than 3600 rounds. (I believe...

Various Airgun Related Products on EBay
Various Airgun Related Products For Sale -- ...

marksman clone of the venerable beeman p3 Airgun express is selling this pistol that looks suspiciously like the Beeman P3, which is r...

How do sling a springer? I don't really see where the front sling swivel can attach. I have a feeling I don't want to attach to the barrel George in Las Vegas

Daisy Softair Cartridges
I have acquired several packs of unopened cartridges (six in a pack) for a Daisy Model 57. Is there any market out there for them ?

FS: Beeman/Webley Nemesis
Like new condition. Prefer to sell to someone in the central Maryland area. You get to check out the gun and I get cash. You will not find a more accurate gun for my price of $75. I paid ove...

geko or co2 target for co2 gun
HI, i have been told it's best to use the dynamit nobel c02 target pellet in my umarex cp88. apparently dynamit nobel make a pellet named 'geco' of the same weight, which i have been told m...

Or maybe there's just no one here...
... am I right?

Having considerable trouble...
downloading the messages from this newsgroup. Any suggestions?

Thanks for all the advice...
Thanks to everyone who helped with our choice of airgun a few months back. We finally had a chance to try out the air rifle this weekend (pest control): One rabbit in the freeze...

For sale Webley hawk mk 2
This is a very nice 22 air rifle in excellent condition Webley Hawk mk 2 with case, if anyone is interested just get intouch and I can send you photo's.....regards Mick -- K...

[ANN] Operation Casse-Noisettes in France
Pour info, lancement de l'opération Casse-Noisettes en Région Centre le we du 7/8 août 2004. Voir : A+ <...

Beeman R-10
What would be the equivalent air gun in a European model? I've had this gun (R-10) for about 10+ years and am wondering about upgrading it and parts availability. I am exploring my options a...

Is there a spring opperated 22 cal or larger air gun that can beat 1200 fps?
Is there a spring operated air gun (rifle & handgun) out there in 22 cal or larger that can shoot 1200 fps or better? thanks, KT

Re-springing a tx200hc
I am totaly new to stripping an air rifle has anyone stripped or have advise on stripping and re0building a Air Arms Tx200HC

Which air rifle
I know if this is like the woodworking group I also frequent, most of you will gringe when you see this post.. Which air rifle should I buy. However I will supply some info ...

renovating old Gamo repeater stock & fore grips
Hi, I have an old Gamo .177 repeater rifle, sold in the UK as the Paratrooper. This has a cast metal frame with plastic side panels to the butt and two side panels for the pistol ...

Wiltshire Airgun Centre
It sounds like Wiltshire Balistics are going to reopen the centre: > The facility will be undergoing major refurbishment over the next few months > to bring the airgun range...

Help: Gamo PT-80 Magazine Problem
I have a Gamo PT-80 pistol that fails to rotate the 8 shot clip. Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Apparently there isn't a repair depot in Canada.(hard to believe). Gamo's supp...

cheaper CO2 capsules in the U.K.
Hi, is there an air gun club or similar near north london, U.K. through which one can buy reasonably priced CO2 capsules please. i notice you can buy 40 capsules for £10.73 from the u....

help with pellet weights
I read that .177 guns shoot straighter cause the pellets are lighter than say .22 pellets. So .177 pellets and .22 pellets can be bought in different weights. so if I ...

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