attn: munir al sawfwany; re: tempest power boost
could you please give me more info as to where i can make modifications on increasing velocity on my tempest, or the theory of how it works? btw, i live in canada where max. v is...

re-usable C02 capsule and slim jim pump
Hi, have just got a walther cp88 co2 pistol and i understand i can get a slim jim pump for 40 plus an adaptor for 8 then i can pump up a rechargeable capsule which is an extra 25, from a ...

help with TEMPEST
I was sucked into buying the webley tempest (though it is a good pistol) because all the literature stated the m/v should be 400fps for the .22 cal. my plan and still is to beef it up to re...

help with old Sherdian/Benjamin Blue streak
A friend at work has an old Sherdian/Benjamin Blue streak with a scope he will sell for about $35. He says it still works great, but he also says he has had it since he was ...

Webley Tempest ... OR ... Walther CP88
Webley Tempest ... OR ... Walther CP88 which should I buy ? A sprungsingle shot or an 8 shot co2 ? For casual/ target shooting ? I already own a Webley Xoce...

Chippenham Wilts - Anywhere to shoot ?
I only bought my rifle a couple of weeks ago and I have been shooting at The Wiltshire Airgun Centre in Devizes, but is looks like its closing on 10th July. Does anyone know anywhere in...

Theoben SLR, quiet?
Hi, I was wondering if anyone had the Theoben SLR and had compared it to a higher power spring air rifle for sound level during firing? Is it a lot quieter, or just a little?

Fired my rifle without a pellet.
I am fairly new to air rifles, I have a Air Arms tx200hc which is a lovely rifle. The problem is I have read in many places that never fire your rifle without a pellet as severe damage will ...

Champion pellets. . .
I am after getting them in .177 - they seem to be very interesting pellets. I know they must be available somewhere as i have a pellet reference chart and they are on there in both .177 and ...

Anybody got a manual for a Walther Cp88 Co2 that they could post please? TIA.

GNC Sucks dot com --> find out why !!
Find out what thousands have already: GNC SUCKS !! They sell redated products endangering YOUR health all for the sake of lining their pockets with YOUR money. Commission based...

Todd Bertuzzi finally speaks out candidly regarding Steve Moore sucker punch
Todd Bertuzzi finally speaks out candidly regarding Steve Moore sucker punch - a humourous take.... or is it ?? Photo is UN-DOCTORED:

Source for Ballistics Coefficient Info?
Anybody know a source for ballistic coefficients for airgun pellets? TIA, Ernie

Beeman Pricing Chart
I realize that many of this Usenet group are from Europe/UK and Aus, and other places, so I hope you'll indulge me. I've decided to add to my air gun collection specifically with an ey...

I killed the air with my air-gun !
Shit, now the air is dead and I cannot breathe anymore ... UFFFF! Dead !

Old gamo repeater trigger adjustment
Hi, I have started using my old gamo repeater air rifle. It must be nearly 30 years old. It was the model sold as the ASI Paratrooper in the UK with a (then) novel Pistol grip.

Just brought a Air Arms TX200 hc
I have owned a cheap air rifle to see if I enjoyed it or not and I do. I started with targets in the back yard the rifle was as Edgar brother .22 which on the hole I was more than happy with...

Tech Force 66/XS-B9-1
Thinking of purchasing this rifle. Would appreciate comments from any member with experience using this air rifle. How does the clip feed? What is the best shooting distance? Is t...

colt .25 gold ... buy in USA ??? how about shipping from UK to USA?
Hello all, I'm new to Airsoft and have a few questions. 1. I'm looking to purchase the colt .25 spring gold pocket pistol. I only see them available on the net from UK st...

colt .25 gold ... buy in USA ??? how about shipping from UK to USA?
Hello all, I'm new to Airsoft and have a few questions. 1. I'm looking to purchase the colt .25 spring gold pocket pistol. I only see them available on the net from UK st...

Powermaster 760 Schematic
I am looking for a schematic diagram or disassembly/assembly instructions for a Crosman Pumpmaster 760-B. Can anyone send me one, or tell me where to find one on the net? Thanks, ...

Dukinfield, Nr Manchester, UK - New Club
New club opened, based in Dukinfield within easy travelling distance from Manchester area. Friendly 35 yrd range for more details: Regards

Accurate air pistol recommendations?
Anyone have any recommendations for an accurate air pistol, preferably .177, for under $200? Thanks in advance. Tom --- Outgoing mail is certified Viru...

Anybody got a CP88 co2 repair manual they are willing to post? TIA.

umarex cp88 and cp99
what is the difference please between the umarex cp88 and cp99?

Air Rifle Advice
Hi, I only want a air rifle for shooting targets, cans etc - should I go for .177 or .22 Any Advice welcome

getting new seals or repairing crosman 1322
hi, i'm in london u.k.. i took my old crosman 1322 to an air-gun shop yesterday and asked about repairs. they said the seals have gone and the only thing to do is to drop it in the rubbish b...

Help sending a Air Rifle to India.
hi, i want to gift a Air Rifle to a relative in India. Can somebody here with previous experience help me with the same. Has anybody got any link or website who can help me purchase the rifl...

Question on Beeman GH1000
Hi, I'm on my third gun and would like to see if others have any suggestions or comments. The place where I bought it has been really good about working with me but basic...

Shot with pellet rifle...HELP!
I was accidentally shot this morning by my cousin with a Crossman air rifle. The pellet passed through my denim jeans and into my thigh just below my buttocks. It was .177 caliber, RWS poin...

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