Printing your own targets
In browsing and lurking among the web, I've found a variety of ideas and suggestions. I've tried standard 20 lb (ok) and 24 lb (better) paper. If you are like me, and print from your own ...

Umarex Beretta 92 Suppressor
Hi all, I have a nice Umarex Beretta 92 pellet pistol. Have heard mixed things about the bolt-on suppressor/silencer being offered for it. Anyone have one that they care to commen...

Best pellets
Hi, Can someone give me some advice over what pellet to use in an FAC rated .22 HW80? Iíve tried bulldog pellets (15 grain) but they donít group well. Should I be looking at...

Benjamin Sheridan 392 recommendations?
Any one out there with a Benjamin Sheridan 392 who can post their thoughts and impressions. I am very much interested in energy at different pump levels. But I would really ...

Bulk Pellets?
I've been searching for pellets in large quantities to see if I can save some money. The only thing I've found so far is 2000 pellets and the price worked out to be about the same as buying...

WTB stock for HW80
Hi, Iím looking for a stock for a HW80. Please email on: [email protected] Thanks John

New spring & seal
I've got an old air rifle with a very poorly main spring and an all-but-non-existent barrel seal. Can anyone tell me where I might be able to get replacements? It's a .177 cal. b...

Where to shoot
Hi, im interested in airguns, but i have doubts about where to shoot.. When i was a kid i use to shoot in the back garden of my house, but now that seems a little danger.. What advice would ...

New club - Dukinfield
The new club is up and running though it is based in Dukinfield (just a short drive of 5 mins from mossley). It is a non profit organisation run by the members for the members. It...

Walther LP53
Hi group, I'm the owner of this old airgun (1957), I'm living in germany and I can't get the missing parts for it. Therefore I'm looking for a copy of the original schematic to id...

Pigeon Head Shots!
Hi, Does anyone use a specific ft/lbs air rifle for shooting pigeons at close range ie 25 yds. I am after the instant kill, but don't need the pellet to travel right through as...

Best .177 pellets for breaking china?
Hi, I have a Umarex Walther CP88 CO2 semiautomatic air pistol and a Gamo P800 break-barrel single shot air pistol, both .177 . Mostly I use these for plinking card and metal targets. But nex...

Dead Puppy

FS: Beeman R9 with matching Bushnell zoom scope, as new..
I bought a Beeman R9, incredibly accurate .20 single shot rifle, with matching Bushnell scope, I think it is a 4-9x zoom, professionally mounted and set up. This gun is dead accurate. I have...

Cleaning a .22
How often should a .22 air rifle be cleaned? I clean the furniture and the metal work after each sesion out, but how often should I clean or pul through the barrel? David

I'm in the UK and looking at purchasing a chrono for my checking and tuning my air rifle (BSA supersport). It seems its much cheaper to buy one from the US and ship it in. T...

440 Deisel
I have a 440 that did not diesel until I tried CPH's, which caused it to smoke and have a heavier report. This wasn't a full-out diesel but the extra resistance of the heavy pellet did ...

Piston Seal for El Gamo Rifle
I am rebuilding a 35 year old El Gamo air rifle which has seen yeoman service. Although the seal is still in passably good shape I would like to replace it for another 35 years of service. T...

loud bang from gamo shadow 1000
A friend of mine was shooting with my shadow 1000, when suddenly the gun made an unusually loud bang upon firing. We were shooting quite heavy bullets, so I suppose a supersonic crack is out...

A question about the walther cp99 nighthawk pistol
In my experience, most .177 co2 pistols are rated at between 400 and 500 feet per second. My daisy 622x is 22 caliper and is rated at 420 fps (i think). <...

Anyone in US interested in a Brocock pistol?
Have one Brocock ME (5 shot looks like Ruger SP101) in nickel finish with walnut grips. Will ship with 5 working BACS cartridges, slim jim pump and .22 cal pellets. Please make offer. Gun...

How to replace spring on Slavia 631
Could someone direct me on the sequence or a site explaining how to replace the spring on this Slavia 631? Thanks in advance.

weihrauch hw90k
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Anshutz or CZ?
Hi all, I have been thinking hard for a long time now, oh the pain! And have narrowed it down to either the Anschutz or CZ range of .22 Rimfire rifles. Could anyone point...

Roehm Twinmaster and Baikal Ņaccurate enought for target?
Hi. First of all, this is my first post in this forum. Best whishes for all. Im a novell target shooter (at 10 meters) and Im using now a not exprensive Tau 7 (http://www.ta...

Anyone in Wilts, England
on this group? Or near Dudley, west mids? David

Why is San Rafael favored over San Anselmo
I have a couple of FWB 124's and one is San Rafael and one is San Anselmo. Does anyone know why the blue book adds extra for the San Rafael?

AirArms S200 pellet choice
Mornin' All A question - what pellets are you getting the best accuracy from in AA S200? I don't mind about stopping power too much, just accuracy..... ;-) My S200 is ...

I've done some research, and gather that a silencer on an air rifle doesn't limit performance signficantly. This may just be sales patter - would someone put me straight on this if it's wr...

Please Recommend Pistol
Hello friends at, I'm looking for an accurate pellet pistol at 100 yards with an easy trigger, not a hard trigger that has to be pulled 2 inches before it fires. I ...

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