Tech Force 34-Chinese Underlever Question
I have some second-hand Chinese under-lever rifles, in .177 that appear to be very similar to Tech-force 34s. They are quiet, and shoot in the 800 ft/s range with moderate weight pellets.

Daisy Powerline Parts?
HI. I have an old Daisy Powerline 1200 BB pistol and the thing that is supposed to puncture the CO2 cartridge appears to have broken off and will not penetrate the cartridges any ...

Anyone know the age of these pellets?
I bought a gun about a month ago that came with a tin of Beeman Wad Cutters that have the San Rafael location on the lid. Do any of you know an approximate age for them. They still seem to w...

jammed crosman 1322
Hi, I have a crosman air pistol type 1322, made for the u.k. market. after not being used for 9 months or so (although regularly given a spot of WD40) the pump action seems jammed and ...

Should you trust your government?
I wonder where the police get the estimate of 1,000 people from? It seems to this Yank that people in the UK are about tired of having their property taken by the police. After the cops re...

Which pump air pistol to buy? Crosman 1377C or Benjamin HB 17?
The Benny has those nice hardwood factory stocks and is well made, but so is the Crosman and it's much less $$. The Crosman's stocks are plastic but I can add wood stocks to it later if I ge...

How can you tell?
How do you tell the difference between standard and deluxe on FWB 124 or 127 guns? Is it just by the beech or walnut, or does it say so on the gun? Rookie for sure

How many shots do you get per CO2 cartridge w/ a .22 pistol?
The approximate number of shots you can get out of a .22 cal CO2 pistol like the Crosman 2240 (just an example) per CO2 cartridge seems to be something deeply shrouded in mystery. Can anyone...

Chinese air rifle maintenance information?
Hello everyone, I've been a shooting enthusiast for all my life, but have managed to get away from it for a while. I am going to purchase a Chinese air rifle, probably something l...

The Sport Connection
The Sport Connection Welcome to! Join us as we grow to become the first and best place to meet up with other sporting enthusias...

The Sport Connection
The Sport Connection Welcome to! Join us as we grow to become the first and best place to meet up with other sporting enthusiasts from al...

10-36 tap source
I am looking to buy a 10-36 tap. Do you have one you want to sell, or can you tell me where to buy one?. TIA, Ernie

Question from Newbie. Ari rifles for pest control?
Hi, New here. I'm in the UK. We are considering buying an air rifle for control of rabbits. I've checked the legislation, and am happy that our intentions will c...

How to refill a Daystate MkII
I have a Daystate MKII And i want to refill the canister, i have a air compressor that goes upto around 200 psi, i tried it at 160 and only got about 10 shots out of it, which may have actua...

Rapid 7
Im looking to buy a 2nd hand Theoben Rapid 7, where is the best place to look ?? im in the uk Thanks

Better dead than Blunkettised
Say no to Blunkett's cattle tags Fight the gun grabbing bastards See petition tab and sign it.!
The Sport Connection Welcome to! Join us as we grow to become the first and best place to meet up with other sporting enthusiasts from all...

Anyone know anything about ZERO OPTIC sights
Hi all I just bought a sight that the dealer threw in as a package deal with my Rapid 7 It is a Zero Optic 6-20x50 illuminated reticle scope I have used it ths we...

After some deliberation I got my new PCP
Hi all, After all of the help that you offered me on choosing a new PCP to get back into air gunning I made my decision I went for a used Theoben Rapid 7 MK1 .22 - I went to...

Reusing BBs etc
Hello I have a Crosman 66 Powermaster air rifle and use Daisy BBs (lead/steel coated i think). I have been firing at glass bottles and the BBS get small dents in them and I have been r...

Logun S16 Query
Hi Anyone know at what air pressure level its OK to take down the S16 without damaging air seals etc? Thanks Dennis

Gamo 440 scope ring question??
I am looking for and having a hard time finding see through scope rings for my 440. I bought a set but the see through part was not high enough for me to see the sights. Does anyone know a g...

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Carrying loaded pellet gun in car
I am a cab driver in MI and not yet old enough to get a CCW. I am sometimes worried about my safety as a I somewhat vulnerable driving alone at night. I want to carry a loaded air pis...

falcons website?
Hi, does anyone here no what has happened to falcons website?

Gamo PT-90
Hi there, I'm new to the newsgroups and am considering purchase of the new gamo PT-90, any experience with them?? It looks pretty similar to their 80 so I'm guessing that their t...

Benjamin Model 397
Just wondering if there are any sites/groups where improving and customizing these guns is discussed. I am particularly interested in accuracy improvements. TIA, Ernie ...

Brands of CO2 cartridges.
I saw at my local WallMart some Eagle brand CO2 cartridges wich were cheaper than Crosman ones. Does somone know this brand? Do they produce same number of shots than Crosman cartridges...

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jeepers... >Gun laws alert targets owners >OWNERS of self-contained air cartridge > guns were told today they would face a ...

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