Stress Relief !
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Point of impact question
I have a break barrel, spring piston rifle. I note that the point of impact is very dependent on how I rest or hold the rifle. IIRC it shoots markedly higher when the barrel is rested, than ...

Airgun Illustrated
We CFW has finally made it official. They have canceled publication. Just got a letter informing me I can get a refund or one of their paintball magazines. Guess it will be the refund. ...

colt navy?
--WebTV-Mail-7346-7338 Content-Type: Text/Plain; Charset=US-ASCII Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7Bit I heard that the cap and ball guns are not considered firearms by the ...

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Gamo CFX
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Make Money Fast $$$
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Slavia 631...
...what do you think about this air gun? Value for money? Durability? Precision? The best pellets (diabolos) for it? Thanx in advance! Antares

FS: Webley Junior air pistol
A colleague at work has asked me to offer his Webley Junior air pistol for sale. I'm not sure if it's a Mk1 or a Mk2, or it's age but it seems in fairly good condition. It's an ov...

Beeman R7 - HW model #?
I was thinking of getting one of these in .22 caliber for descrete pest control and I remember that they made them in .22 Caliber as well, but only in Europe. What model number is this...

Practical Carbine - Discussion group, Email list
Practical_Carbine Yahoo Group Practical_Carbine is an unmoderated list for discussion of modern carbine-style rifles. Examples of topics covered in the Practical_Carbine list in...

Look at this update from M$
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Good all round pistol
I can't get my Marksman Repeater fixed up, so now I'm looking for a new pistol. What do you think is the most cost effective? You know, accuracy, velocity, price, spring vs.. co2, and a...

Crossman Spring Powered Rifle?
Does anyone have any experience with the 667 .22 cal spring powered air rifle? Good/Bad? Thinking of getting one. Help appreciated.

Need simple help with repair
Someone took apart my Marksman Repeater for me and I can't figure out how to get the spring to hold the trigger ahead hard enough to get it to latch every time. Please help out. Th...

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FS: Air Arms air rifle
For Sale: Air Arms TX200 Mk3 air rifle (pellet gun). Like new, ~2yrs old with original box & manuals. Details: .177 caliber Right-handed beech stock No...

FS: RWS Excalibre
RWS Excalibre 22. 8 shot repeter, 200bar the air rilfe is doing 17lb 6months old and in new condition, comes with gun bag and silencer i am looking for offers around 400 ...

Need assembly pictures
Please be gentle! My son (bless his little heart) took apart my old Marksman Repeater and for the life of me I can't figure out how to get the trigger spring back in so the trigger work...

Daisy makes old style 880 again
I was looking on Daisy's website they have an air-rifle Model 177X it appears to be a Powerline 880 with a (real wood) stock and forearm, and a diecast metal receiver. But it stil...

Blank Target Paper
Following a recent thread regarding printing targets, I have put together packets of letter size blank target paper--the same buff paper used on the official NRA targets. Available in both ...

A news article on banning Brocock pistols
For those in the UK You may like to try this It's sick the way journalists lie in order to whip up fear so they can sell more paper.

The British Association for Shooting and Gundogs
Dear Supporter, Although numbers are low at the moment by joining you will help encourage new arrivals to sign-up. It is common that 50% will not join on first appearance. Pleas...

Leaking 853/753 Daisy Avanit rifles
I am affiliated with a 4-H Shooting Sports club in north central Nevada. We have always used Daisy 853 air rifles in our program. Many of the 853 Avanti's begin leaking shortly after purchas...

--WebTV-Mail-22754-8634 Content-Type: Text/Plain; Charset=US-ASCII Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7Bit I am wondering what people think of the cp99. i think thats what it is

Dieseling in a Spring Piston Gun
New spring piston guns tend to diesel due to the lubricants put on them at assembly. After enough firing the dieseling stops. Is anyone aware of other methods to decrease the time it takes t...

best paper for targets?
I have been experimenting with printing my own targets. I'd like to find out what kind of paper to use to get nice clean holes with wadcutter pellets. I have only tried a couple different ...

most powerfull pellet gun
I am looking for either a powerfull bb pistol or pellet pistol. What do you folks recommend? I have never owned either one so treat this as a novice question. Thanks.

Pellets and Traps...
Does anyone know where I can get a pellet trap that will use targets printed on 8.5 by 11 paper?? The traps I have found use 7 by 8.. Also I just purchased a RWS 34 I have been useing Bee...

Kiss My BrASS
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