Daisy Max-Speeds
For the past year I have been getting Max-speeds at Academy Sports in both pointed and wadcutter, both .22 and .177. I can also find Max-Speeds at Wal-Mart, for actually a little highe...

Earn money by completing serveys, not points!!!
Dear Everyone For those people who are signed up with servey sites that give you points for completing serveys and you redeam them for cash, LEAVE THEM! I recently regist...

Crossman 150 .22Cal Air pistol - requires service
Hi There I posted a query about 18-24 months back about a Crossman model 150 .22cal air pistol which I had inherited. The gun is in very good condition, however it required a serv...

S&W 78g illustrated parts breakdown
I'm looking for the parts breakdown on this pellet gun, if anyone colud e-mail it to me I would be most appreciative my email is [email protected]

Stock and scope mount for a Daisy 717?
I have an old Daisy air pistol, currently marketed as the 7X7 series ( 717, 747 etc.). I would appreciate any info on where I could buy a shoulder stock for it. Also, any info on what scope ...

best for pesky gray squirrels
I have a serious problem with gray squirrels and need to eliminate them by the dozen. In the past, I have used a 600fps Crosman 1377 multi-pump .177 pellet pistol, but too many of...

Shooting and Gundogs
Dear Supporter, Your Support would be gratefully received. Please would you consider joining us. Although a completely brand new forum your early support will help our sport grow....

Where Can I Buy Moly Paste?
Can anyone help me find a place to (online) purchase a high content moly paste? Thanks.

Daisy Red Ryder air gun.. value??
i have a daisy red ryder air rifle i got for my 10th birthday in 1949. for whatever reasons, it came with a wood stock and plastic forepiece. this is original. i still use it from time...

Problem with raccoons
I would rather get rid of them in another manner but have already tried the last couple of years using traps, motion sprinklers, lights, repellents, etc to very limited success. So I guess i...

CP99 slide problem
Anybody else have this problem with their CP99 (mine is the nickel-slide version, doubt it makes a difference) when racking the slide back... Sometimes it doesn't "catch" and the hammer is n...

Single Shot Air pistol
I am looking for a single shot air pistol. I have a single pump pneumatic daisy that is very accurate. I want something a little smaller (the Daisy is 13.5 inches long) and weight about 2 3/...

Semiauto Pellet Pistol
I am looking for the best (read most accurate) semiauto pellet pistol. I am not concerned with looks. It does not havet to look like any sort of centerfire handgun. I would prefer that it...

DROZD Full-Auto BB Gun - Any Thoughts?
I am thinking of purchasing the Russian DROZD BB gun (select-fire), and looking for feedback. If you aren't familiar with this airgun, the following link may be helpful: http://www.bbgu...

Champion "ballistic" pellets in .177
I am after getting them in .177 -they do seem to be very interestingpellets. I know they must be available somewhere as i have a pellet reference chart and they are on there in both .177 and...

Buying an Air-Rifle in London
Hope your group doesn't get bombarded with too many messages like these - just wondering if anyone can help me out. My Father wants an air rifle for Christmas to pick off the bunnies who ar...

What are the best .25 rifles?
I am a gun nut, firearms that is. I do not yet own an airgun. For christmas I bought my dad a Beeman R9 in .20 cal. as he is not really into firearms but I know he will enjoy shooting a ni...

tx200 continues to amaze...
i put a hurt on the local (out of control) squirrel population today. fired six times, killed four, broke one twig in the way, and outright missed once. all at a distance of ~45yds as...

The British Association for Shooting and Gundogs
Dear Group, Your Support would be gratefully received. Please would you consider joining us. Although a completely brand new forum your early support will help our sport grow.

Tips on painting open sights
I've heard mention of pistol shooters using white paint (or even "white out" in the US) to increase the contrast with open sights. One shooter recommends a white dot just below the top of th...

Airsoft Guns etc.
After ten years I am returning to the 0.177" competitive air rifle/pistol sport. I see these new "Airsoft" guns. Is there a site where I can find out what they are used for, and how accura...

New Airgun Supplies Posted -- Ready for the Holidays
I've just updated my site with many new and clearer images and more detailed descriptions. New products for the air gun enthusiest--still time for the holidays! Please stop by and do some ...

"Champion Ballistic" pellets in 177 . . .
I am after getting them in .177 -they do seem to be very interesting pellets. I know they must be available somewhere as i have a pellet reference chart and they are on there in both .177 an...

RWS model 45 OLD one- How to disassemble?
I have a bent-barrel RWS 45. I believe someone broke the barrel, then let the it slam shut when they pulled the trigger. I hope to press the barrel straight in a hydraul...

Preferably in good condition, either in .177 or .22. Please feel free to pass this message on to anyone else who may be able to help. I'm at [email protected] Many than...

Fixing seal of Crosman 760?
Hi there! Is it easy to fix or freshen up the seal for a Crosman 760? I have a mint condition one that when I pump it, air escapes thru the muzzle. These seem like such simple gu...

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