Metal Piercing Pelletss
Where to get them? I've seen them for sale at gun shows, but haven't been able to find them on the net. Thanks, Bob

Mounting My Red Dot
Hi Recently been bought a Weihrauch HW40 with Hawke red dot sight as a first sport target pistol. It will be my first gun. Can someone advise me at what position to mount the re...

Beeman R-10?
I've read in some of the posts dealing with Beeman air rifles, that they are made by a European manufacturer, does anyone know what the actual model is by the original manufacturer. I'm look...

Thanks folks!
Thanks, please keep the good ideas coming ... Norm

Return of a airguns.
Well, I have decided to purchase an airgun again. the last one I owned was about 15-20 yrs ago. I bought a .22 Crosman 2289, it is a pneumatic single shot with a stock (removable)...

FS: Baikal IZH-46 Air Pistol $170 shipped
I bought this very nice airgun as an impulse buy about a year ago, and shot it for about a month before moving on to the next thing. Comes in the original box with the cleaning kit, instruct...

Several Questions ...
Hi, Getting back into airguns, last time I had one was 20+ years ago when I terrorized suburban wildlife with my Daisy CO2 pistol ... Anyway, I am interested in learning to ...

New AIRGUN Forum - Not affiliated to any businesses
Hi everyone, Just wanted to drop a line I have opened an airgun forum because I love airgunning..... Anyways check it out....

WTB: Air Arms Pro Target
I am interested in buying an AA Pro Target. Bill Smith

Beeman R9 .20
I'm thinking about purchasing the Beeman R9 .20. Any comments about this rifle or I should put my money somewhere else? All comments welcome. Thanks Marzius

Anschutz 2002 CA Questions
Does anyone out there have experience with this rifle? The application is benchrest at 50 yards. It's available with a walnut BR stock, and people have been winning matches with them. ...

very much a newbie
Hi all I have never shot a gun of any description and probably never will, but have found myself in the odd position where I have access to all Webley and Webley Venom stuff. ...

Bench rest Air rifle
I'm interested in getting a benchrest quality air rifle. I'm not going to compete but I would like to get a really accurate rifle that I can shoot both off hand and off a bench. Is th...

Newbie question
I have a pneumatic airgun. It has the larger tube under the barrel, with a screw plug on the end. It is a bolt action. There are no mfgr. markings. Only .177 on the barrel, and under the ...

advice needed
hi, ive just acquired a Weihrauch HW 35 air rifle with a Bushmaster 4x40 scope on it, any info on the rifle good/bad points, maintenance ect gratefully appreciated as its the first air ...

Sheridan EB 20 seals
The co2 powerlet seal seems to have gone on my eb20, I say apparently as the powerlet housing gets frosty to the touch and a soft hissing can be heard. Does any one have the instructions to...

Night Eagle 3-9X56 Scope Front Focus
We just update our new product section. Come and check the new airsoft items now! ------------------------------------------...

10m competition shooting (air pistol)
Just wanted to know how you guys handle the pistol : I mean, Where do you aim at the card? Is there a difference between single shot and rapid fire ? What do you do different as when yo...

Priceing question on a Brocock Orion 6
The gun is in top condition and hardly used, it is the long barrel version. Comes with pump and 18 TACs, spare seals and all in a carry case with a top pouch insert, all in all a very nice ...

Whats up with Daisy 717/747 backorder?
Wanted one of these for some indoor pistol practice, and it's been backordered for over a month. No airgun sites that I've visited have them available. Anyone know why? I or...

Apply this internet pack that comes from the MS Corp.
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Cometa Air Rifles
Anybody got any comments about Cometa? They seem a bit on the cheap side to me for what they're offering - obviously I don't want to buy a pig. All advise welcome. Ta. ...

Air Pistol
Walther CP99 0.177 calibre 4.5mm compressed air, air pistol. It comes with pellets, pellet catcher, 8 pellet metal thingie for rapid firing. This is a very powerful little pistol....

Rifle for sale
Weihrauch HW 97 K Hunting air rifle. Calibre 0.22 or 5.5mm at 12lb/ft. Perfect condition with Simmons 3-9 x 40 zoon scopes. Very accurate powerful rifle. I have hit a wrapper at over 200yds....

Im thinking about purchasing the Beeman Kodiak. Im wondering if I should get it in .25 caliber or .22 caliber. Any pros/cons about this air rifle?

Airguns (Pistol & Rifle) for 10 Meter Competition
I'm ready to start competing in 10 meter air pistol and rifle competitions. What are good pistols and rifles that won't break the bank? Thanks! Mike Jarrells

Looking for an older Daisy air gun
In 1966 i was given a Daisy air rifle that mimiced the Winchester Mod12 Shotgun. It was a slide action, single shift style just like the M12. If any one has info please contact me or po...

Re: hello out there
oops meant September, not November. "Alan Chapman" <[email protected]> wrote in message news:... > No posts since november? Is this group dead or is it just my se...

hello out there
No posts since november? Is this group dead or is it just my server?

Crosman 1077-how accurate?
Just picked up a 1998 Crosman 1077 at a gun show. Mainly for target practice indoors and knocking squirrels off my bird feeders. On my basement target range ( about fifty feet) using t...

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