Changing calibre barells on a HW45?
Someone told me that it is possible to change barells on the Weihrauch HW45 pistol from .177 to .22. Is this true and has anyone done it?

Brockock-made Beretta 92FS silencer is rubbish!
I have a Beretta 92FS and I decided to get a silencer for it. I got a Brockock silencer which was specially marked to be for use with the gun. It fitted perfect but I really noticed no chang...

diseased rabbit
hi not, posted to this group for a while. today i shot a rabbit and found it to be covered in cracked warty tumors,around the mouth,body and legs and back end(bottom) its not mixy as i ...

gamo shadow 1000 mod
Has anyone ever tried removing the front site on this gun or similar gamo rifle? Somewhere on their site I read that the front sites could be removed using a vise and some force, but it did...

Walther CP99 vs. CP9
Anyone know the difference between the Walter CP99 and the CP9 air pistols? The CP99 is almost twice the price of the CP9, but both look virtually identical. What do you get for that extra...

caliber question
Hi, I was just wondering, Since the caliber if not under any restrictions in Holland what is the most powerfull pcp gun with the largest caliber on the market at the moment? My go...

just a little warning
I have a gunpower stealth at home. I am in Holland and had to apply for a license to have a .22 smallbore rifle at home. The police saw the silencer on the stealth and didn't know what to do...

recharging co2 for sheridan prohunter
anyone know of a system to recharge CO2 canisters for the Sheridan Prohunter?? Can't find one... :o( :o) thanks, JJ (managed to get a .22 caliber :o) ...

Beretta M92F Gas Blowback Instruction Manual?
I`ve just bought one of these guns and the instruction manual is in japanease, As my Japanease is not up to scratch these days, does anyone know where i can get an english copy.

Good pellet for the AirForce Talon SS?
Just got this thing...pretty sweet. But don't know what's a good pellet to use. Got the one w/ the .177 barrel.

Sheridan Prohunter
hi anyone (Ian/Alan?) know if you can get a sheridan prohunter pistol at .22 instead of .20? many thanks, JJ

Practical Carbine - Discussion group, Email list
Practical_Carbine Yahoo Group Practical_Carbine is an unmoderated list for discussion of modern carbine-style rifles. Examples of topics covered in the Practical_Carbine list in...

crosman 600
Crosman 600 wanted. Any one out there got one or know of one for sale Thanks Alan

Ive got the Stealth as well, what little ring do you mean?. the galvanised one that you tighten with the allen key?

sorry . .
Hi again! I seem to have been having problems with my mail (as you can no doubt see! lol ) but anyway, here is my question: I recently dug out my first air rifle - a Westlak...

westlake info
Hi all, I have subscribed to a newsgroup ( and have tried to send a mail but two days on - it STILL is not there! :o( I have just sent a test mail to freeserve....

because my mail doesn't seem to get here :o/

Hi, I have a Gunpower Stealth pcp rifle, and recently the little ring on the end of the air-cilinder got unscrewed. Now I have no clue as to where to screw it on. I mean how far ...

Westlake B2 info
Hi all, I recently dug out my first air rifle - a Westlake B2 in .177 cal, in very good condition, and i would like to get some info about it please. I realise that it is only a b...

FWD: Check these important patch
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bizarre question but thought i would ask anyhow!
have not yet seen it reported, but then again i don't live in nyc, but here goes, widely reported that the ferry captain shot himself 2x in the chest with a pellet gun. ...

Westlake B2 info
Hi all, I recently dug out my first air rifle - a Westlake B2 in .177 cal, in very good condition, and i would like to get some info about it please. I realise that it is only a b...

review: cheap Daisy red dot sight
This is from over at the Crosman forum: Thanks to the generosity of a member of this board, a set of 457 scope mounts arriv...

Ping Dave Remling
Dave can you send me and email, los of H/D lost everythink Mark UK

Problems with technique
I've shot through about 250 pellets on the new rifle and I've noticed an odd issue arise. On some targets, I'm shooting a normal distribution with shots scattered in and around the bullseye...

Tau 7 question
Can anyone point me to a place to get replacement parts for my Tau 7 pistol? Thanx in advance DL -- GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME.

Olympic level air pistol shooting.
I've only ever seen olympic level air pistol shooting ounce on TV on Eurosport for a few minutes. I' m wondering if the single handed grip that I've seen is required according to the ...

Diana P5 Magnum.
Diana P5 Magnum pistols seem to be available by mail order in the UK. I'd be interested to hear what any owners think of this model. The stats I've seen seem to rate it very close in terms o...

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Beeman RX-2 -Other Air-Rifles similar in specs?
Hi The more I check out the Beeman RX-2 in .20 caliber, and all it's specs and performance, and unless someone could point me towards another Air-Rifle (20 cal) that would be bas...

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