Looking for a good adult size BB gun--not pellet gun
Looking for recomendations on a good adult size BB gun--not a pellet gun. Single cock repeater, not CO2. 400 fps would be fine, plus or minus. Standard .177 steel BB's. Looking for both a ...

Postal Lottery: Turn $6 into $60,000 in 90 days, GUARANTEED
Postal Lottery: Turn $6 into $60,000 in 90 days, GUARANTEED I found this in a news group and decided to try it. A little while back, I was browsing through newsgroups, just like you ar...

Pellets and BBs
Can I use BBs on a pellet gun. Somebody told me it damages the gun. It's all .177cal though

Webley Hurricane silencer??
I've been told that the Webley Hurrican can't be fitted with a silencer, is this true?

Cool group! stealthy piiingg
GOD bless AMERICA. Borders, lanquage, culture. If your PC, dont write me.

Scope Mounts
I am tomorrow going to order from uttings.com a BSA Lightning .22 Hawke 3-9x40 but what scope mounts do i need would i get scope creep with 2 piece double screw mounts ...

Hunter 440 Question
I recently purchased a Gamo Hunter 440 and have zeroed the sights so that I can consistently hit bullseye at thirty yards. Only thing is the rear sight is adjusted as far to the left as it ...

UHC Beretta M92f Heavyweight vs. Lightweight
Hi, I just bought a UHC Beretta M92f springer, but I don't know if I got the heavyweight version or the lightweight version. What are the differences between these two? Mine came in thi...

.20 caliber rifle interist (have a .25 Beeman Crow already)
Hi all. I am the happy owner of a fine Beeman Crow Magnum IV Rifle in .25cal. Bushnell 3200 3-12 scoped.... Well, I have been interisted lately in perhaps picking up a secon...

Industry Brand B4-1
Hi What do you think about air rifle in topic? thx Dragonow

Hunting crows
Hi, I'm in Holland, where not much is legal but I'm not letting that stop me. I'm determined to reduce the amount of crows around here. What kind of rifle and ammo do you guys re...

looking for Hw-90 modification / pellet performance / Gas ram pressure information
Perhaps someone can direct me to informative websites. thx.

Picture of a Air Arms S400/S410 with the AA Thumbhole Stock On
COuld some kind person post a picture of the above rifle with the standard AA Thumbhole stock on, as I am considering paying the extra for this stock but can't quite decide. Many ...

Winchester 800x
My nephew just got a Winchester 800x .17 cal air rifle. It has a horrible trigger pull, very hard, very stiff. How difficult would it be to improve this? Thanks,...

Help choosing air rifle
I'm wanting an air rifle for target practice and hunting in that order. Would like to stay under $300. Any advice and recommendations would be appreciated. TVMIA. Hubcap <...

chronographs for less than fifty quid?
is anyone selling, or does anyone no were I can get hold of a chronograph for less than fifty pounds. cheers

re:gunpower stealth vs gunpower storm
has any one used the gun power storm and if so is it any better than the stealth? also who stocks the storm here in the UK keith

re:gunpower stealth vs gunpower storm
has any one used the gun power storm and if so is it any better than the stealth? also who stocks the storm here in the UK keith

F/Sale Weihrauch HW57 .22 6x42 hawke scopes
This is a brand new Weihrauch 57 with Hawke 6x42 scopes, I purchased this duo today, my wife is giving me grief about it already, it has to be sold as it is not worth the hassle, :-(((( me n...

Falcon Raptor Manuals
Hi, can anyone tell me where I can get hold of a manual that describes the parts and assembly of a falcon FN19 Raptor. Thanks

Camo kit for Air Arms S200
I've seen a few air rifles that have been covered with a kind of sticky backed camouflaging. The people who have them say that you buy a "camo kit" for your particular rifle and you basicall...

.177 or .22
I have decided on a BSA Lightning air rifle with a 3-9 x40 Simmons or Hawke scope but i cant decide to get it in 177 or 22 i want a rifle that i can use for target practice OR hunting. ...

Sheridan tune
Any body know of a tuner who deals with the Sheridan air rifle. I am after an increase in power and a trigger job Thanks

Gamo AF 10
I was wondering if this is a good gun to get , I want something with a bit of power behind the pellet to use mainly for target practise shooting cans etc.Also does anyone know where I can ge...

Belgium & Air Rifles
I will shortly be moving to Belgium with my job, from the UK. Can someone tell me if there if power limitations apply to air rifles in Belgium (i.e along the lines of the UK 12ft.lbs l...

Turn $6 into $60,000 in 90 days, GUARANTEED
Turn $6 into $60,000 in 90 days, GUARANTEED Postal lottery: Turn $6 into $60,000 in 90 days, GUARANTEED I found this in a news group and decided to try it. A little while ba...

Practical Carbine - Discussion group, Email list
Practical_Carbine Yahoo Group Practical_Carbine is an unmoderated list for discussion of modern carbine-style rifles. Examples of topics covered in the Practical_Carbine list in...

Super 9
Hello I'm new in this subject and I have question about UHC rifle Super 9. Does any of you can tell me wether this worth buying or not? I don't have enough money to buy an electric weap...

umarex cpsport
Hey...just picked this gun up and was wondering...as a newbie that I am...it says it has a trigger safety when breach is open...what does that mean? When I fired it the trigger didn't go al...

co2 pistol seals
anyone know of a UK source of seals (o-rings etc) for a Walther cp88 co2 pistol. i need the seal for the co2 cylinder, but i want to replace the rest as well (yes, i am a competent person). ...

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