23 Mar 2005 13:26:54
Remington Airmaster 77 - Canadian model

I want to pick up a Remington Airmaster 77 here in Canada. On the
Remington website, this unit claims 725 FPS. The store's data shows it at 497
FPS, owing to Canadian law that any rifle < 500 FPS doesn't require a
purchasing permit.

My questions, if anyone can help me:

1 - What is the difference, mechanically, between the Canadian and American
models? Or is Remington deliberately under-rating this model for Canadian

2 - What is involved in restoring this unit to American specs. If it is a
matter of swapping a part, are these parts readily available?

3 - If it is a factory set bleed-off valve, could I just solder this up? Are
there a downside to doing this?

If there are any moralists out there who prefer to jump on me for wanting
to do this conversion, please, don't bother. <g > TIA.