10 Nov 2008 02:18:42
Career 707 mysterious air leak

After sitting for 2 years with NO leakage on a 2,500 PSI charge, my Career
707 .25 carbine suddenly lost all its air pressure and now can't be
recharged or even primed. After about 15 hand-pump cycles I hear a hollow
metallic rushing sound and it must be a large leak. This is the older
carbine version (circa 2004) with two tubes vs. the new single tube model.

Does anyone know why an untouched rifle, monitored for pressure monthly,
would lose all its air like this? The valve is held closed by pressure, so
I don't see that failing if it's not hammered.

I rarely get a chance to shoot and maybe I should have dry fired it
occasionally to keep things flexible. Thanks for any ideas.