Giles fit for the Ashes
Apparently, which raises a tricky selection issue. Dropping our top wicket taker from the summer should be unthinkable, but I reckon they'll prefer Giles' runs at number 8. Shame really. <...

Indian Cricket
Don't you think Saurav Ganguly should come back in the team and should be made the Indian captain again?what are your views

Another cheating bastard!
Eng v WI - England innings 37.1 Samuels to Yardy, OUT Doubt there whether Bravo took it cleanly or not, Yardy has walked off the field. England slip further into crisis. Replays ...

Ineligible players
A while back I posted a link to youtube. The clip showed the North Down cc members caught on video phone during a win the league party. North Down didn't win the league, though at the ...

Nice group
I like it. :) --

Harmison spin
I see Kevin Shine is standing up for Harmison: - "He's the best bowler in the world," Shine told the Mail...

I ws pleased to see them win but a couple of glaring points seemed obvious to me. Firstly, when Pieterson fails we generally lose. Secondly, we don't play well under pressure so <...

Why not send bowlers to bat in the beginning?
Because when all main batsmen are out.. 1. they are under pressure. 2. they are weak in batting. 3. they play defensively. 4. run rate increase and that put...

Fred'll regret saying this...
After today's game... Richard

Always on "back pages" admits embarrased Flintoff
Englands celebrity captain Flintoff has admitted that he is embarrased about the frequency with which his image and articles relating to his "antics" appear in the Sport pages of English new...

Re: Ashes photos needed please!
On 27 Oct 2006 15:44:27 -0700, FADANOID wrote: > Jesus > > UK.SPORT.CRICKET is full of fart sniffing cunts. I thought RSC was bad. > Carry on sucking cocks you l...

"We are shit" - Flintoff
Ok. He didn't exactly say that, but he might as well have done with this piece of piss poor footballer celebrity cocksucking speak shit. "We obviously want to finish the tournament wit...

Pak: 89 all out.
Nothing pleases me more.

Cricket dates in Outlook & ICAL format
You may be interested to know that you can import 2007 cricket fixtures in to Outlook , Yahoo, Google iCAL etc at Other sports calendars available also. All dates are in D/M/Y ...

This may be old news to some of you, but I didn't know until yesterday. Can anyone name the England test captain who appeared in Chariots of Fire? Cheers David <...

Jeez.....Oz will be ....
A silent, reeking Hellhole by the time England arrive because Aussies are not being allowed to wash or sing any more. RH -- Robert Henderson Blair Scandal website: http://www.geo...

Pakistan 1987
This is a multi-part message in MIME format. ------=_NextPart_000_003F_01C6F575.9BE40AB0 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-pri...

Ashes photos needed please!
I am trying to make up some t shirts for us to wear at the first test in brisbane. Can anyone provide some good links to photos please? Thinking along the lines of 'greatest series ever' t s...

How to make a good start to an innings count. Or not. It's like the 90s all over again, the return of the Good Old English Collapse ! I think I'll have to watch behind the sofa as Harm...

Jeremy Coney "Strike rate of 95, average of 54 - tells you high strike rate, high average" It doesn't get any better!!

Monty can feel better about his fielding
....after seeing Martyn drop an absolute sitter off McGrath.... Richard

Gillette cricket and football
I have the Gillette cricket and football book from 1964. I'm not up for the stats there is a really good photograph in the book, I might chop it out and stuff it in a frame. In th...

Something for RH
In Wisden Cricketer this month, there's a table in the season stats about reliance on imported players. It lists the no.of imports(*), and the % of total appearances they made. ...

Jeez....Oz can't even....
.....beat the Windies. More Oz choking. RH -- Robert Henderson Blair Scandal website: blairscandal/ Personal website: <...

Crickets greatest thuggly, IMHO would have to be Brad Hogg. The way he sticks out his tongue on his run-up. His mis-shaped head, exacerbated by his bad haircut at the rear makes C...

WI v Aus
Great result. Anyone vatch what was going off between Gayle and Clark?

Pope Catholic! Wow, Vaughan might not play in the Ashes. I didn't see that one coming...

Pakistan - dirty cheats caught AGAIN
The following as reported on the BBC sport website.Time to throw Pakistan out of world cricket. Pakistan have withdrawn fast bowlers Shoaib Akhtar and Mohammad Asif from t...

27 for 4
Oh dear! Hopefully KP & Colly can rescue us out of this mess!


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