25 Feb 2005 18:11:25
Don Miles
[Women] Sky Sports Diary & the World Cup

Sky Sports (presumably the news channel) will be running a 'Diary'
during the forthcoming World Cup which starts on March 22 in the
Pretoria area in South Africa. I thought I would add a small bio on
Rosalie Birch, one of the England squad, who will be presenting this.

Purchasers of Wisden will have seen her picture in the March issue
showing her during some fielding practice. I have just today picked up a
copy of the new magazine 'Spin' where she is most appropriately
featured. She is a Brighton & Hove, Sussex and England all-rounder who
joined England only a couple of years ago. She was an instance success
both with ball and bat. Her nickname has been 'Cheesy' for a while now,
the name deriving from the similarity (or not!) between her Christian
name and a certain well-known food product. However, she quickly became
'golden arm' to the England team because of her ability to take wickets
with her flighted off-spin. I have watched the England team for around a
decade now and not seen another spinner capable of getting the turn and
bounce she can, even from the most unlikely of surfaces. Indeed I would
rate only Neetu David of India in the same class currently.

She also has the perfect temperament for one day cricket and is capable
of opening the innings or playing mid-way down the order where I would
expect to see her play during the World Cup unless injury pushes her
into the opening slot where she would be my first reserve. At number 5
or 6 she can crash the ball around or play a measured innings as the
situation demands. She plays always for the team rather than her own
stats which is good to see, fortunately a habit most of the England
squad have acquired following the training by their previous coach, John
Harmer from Australia.

She is also refreshingly modest about her achievements and if there's
one player whom TV status will leave unphased it will be her. I hope
(and expect) she'll do well in South Africa and I reckon 'Cheesy' will
be a part of the England set up for many years if she chooses to
continue playing.


I can add one more general note about the competition and that is that
England are in way better shape now than they have been for ages. (I
don't credit this to any particular individual - more to the general
level of domestic competition which had, until this year, been improving
year on year. Changes to the County Championship format, presumably as a
result of financial cuts, may, in my opinion, threaten this progress in
future years). The downside to this is that to some extent so are all
the top sides in the world, the standard having come on in leaps and
bounds in other countries too. Australia must remain the favourites,
although weaker than a few years ago, and I would have no idea out of
the next three, England, India and New Zealand who would be second
favourites. With the next in line South Africa having home field
advantage, this is the most open World Cup in years and possibly ever.
The idea of a World Cup is, of course, a concept in which the women
showed the way.

Don Miles
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26 Feb 2005 06:34:40
Robert Henderson
Re: [Women] Sky Sports Diary & the World Cup

In article <gHMP66ANp2HCFwOc@webbsoc.demon.co.uk >, Don Miles
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>She is a Brighton & Hove, Sussex and England all-rounder

'course she is Don, 'course she is. Chortle. RH

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