29 Jan 2007 03:10:42
Why not give youth a chance?

The World Cup is about 6 weeks a way and England seem to be getting
worse at ODIs at a pace approaching the landspeed record!! How can you
improve on ineptitude?? Bring in some mid-30 year olds and hope they
take to international cricket instantly!! It makes no sense at all,
and whilst I think Mal Loye is a good player, why not play a younger
player at the top of the order who has been at the academy (what's the
point of it if we ignore it and pick from the County game which
Fletcher hates?!?) and has been in Australia for months?!? Not to
sound too pessimistic, but we haven't a chance to win the World Cup,
so why not build for the future and give some young guys with
potential the experience of a huge event, and then come the next World
Cup, we might have a decent side who can compete with Australia and
Sri Lanka, rather than with Kenya and Zimbabwe!!

29 Jan 2007 20:05:40
Re: Why not give youth a chance?

REMEMBER....Groundhog Day 2nd February....