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Former coach lifts lid on turbulent tenure

Chappell accuses Indian board of cover-up

Cricinfo staff

November 13, 2007

Greg Chappell believes he was the victim of a racist attack during his
difficult two-year tenure as India's coach, and in an ABC documentary to be
screened next week, hits out at the Indian authorities who he feels
attempted to play down a serious breach of security at Bhubaneswar Airport,
in the eastern state of Orissa.

The team had just arrived to play a one-day international against West
Indies in January this year when a fan burst out of the crowd and threw a
punch at Chappell. "I got hit on the side of the head and my immediate
reaction was 'he's broken my jaw'," Chappell told the documentary team.

Although there was a suggestion at the time that the lack of local
representation in the Indian team was the motive for the attack, Chappell
was not so sure. "Indians are very quick to complain about racism," he said.
"There are plenty of Indian cricketers the guy could have attacked but he
chose to attack me.

In a recent interview with The Australian, Chappell elaborated on the events
that followed the incident, in particular the lack of action from the Indian
board. "As I said to the BCCI in a letter, had it been one of the players
who was attacked there would have been an outcry, but because it was me
no-one seemed to care. The reply came back talking about my racist comments.

"There was a cover-up," he added. "Everyone went into cover-up mode. It was
quite obvious it was a serious assault. It wasn't just a push in the back as
the media was led to believe. The whole thing was played down. The only
phone call I got from the BCCI asked me whether it really happened."

As far as Chappell was concerned, there is no question what happened. "This
bloke came in from behind and gave me a whack in the right ear," he told The
Australian. "Luckily he yelled out as he was leaping through the air to
punch me and gave me enough warning to pull away a little bit.

"It was still a fairly solid blow. My legs buckled, but I had a briefcase on
wheels with a long handle and I was able to use it as support to stop me
from going down."

Chappell quit as India's coach four months later, following a disastrous
World Cup campaign, but he claims that the incident cemented his decision to
walk away as soon as his contract expired. In fact, he felt he should have
gone sooner, after the BCCI reversed his attempts to inject new blood into
the Indian squad by recalling older players such as Sourav Ganguly.

"I probably had the chance to walk away at that stage but you can't walk out
halfway through something you've taken on," said Chappell. "In hindsight it
may have been the better thing to do but I had committed to be there for
that period of time so I decided I'd see it out."

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