07 Sep 2007 09:52:53
Muslim skydiving center opens in Iran

Great news for Iranian Women!

PAAviation is the first skydiving school in the world to perform
women's skydiving in accordance with Islamic regulations. PAAviation
is working with female skydiving instructors, allowing Muslim women to
experience the unique thrill and exhilaration of skydiving.

The following information applies to all students:

Before skydiving you must receive a safety briefing. Our instructors
will give you a pre-flight safety and ground school briefing
explaining your skydive.

You will be jumping from a Brand New British Aircraft. The twin engine
Britten-Norman Islander is world famous for both its tremendous safety
and reliability.

After you have completed your safety briefing, you will be safely
strapped and harnessed to the instructor at all times. The aircraft
will take off and you will climb to 10000feet (4KM).

At this altitude you will jump from the aircraft and freefall at
speeds over 300KPH! After free falling for 5000ft the instructor opens
the parachute canopy and allows you to guide the parachute on to the
drop zone.

You will receive a skydiving certificate upon completion of your jump.

A Professional skydive camera man is available to jump with you and
film and photograph your entire jump from take off to landing. This
service is available at extra cost.

We are very proud to be introducing this thrilling and exciting new
sport in Iran, and welcome skydivers around the world, male and
female, to jump with us in sunny Tehran.

There is very limited space on each flight and pre-booking is

To book please call our Tehran booking office:

(0098) 21 8868 7557

(0098) 21 8868 0579

Alternatively, you can email: