A New Dive Sites in Bali - www.lovinadive.com
A new dive sites has been found in north of Bali. We are the only dive operator that offers it magnificent underwater sites. www.lovinadive.com -- While Bali offers great diversity of ...

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Photos Polynesia, Caledonia, Réunion, Martinique
Updated gallery at: 'Antonio Pastorelli's Portfolio' (http://www.antoniopastorelli.com) Nautilus, Mantas, Dolphins, Sharks, Turtles... -- TheSnak ...

Photos Polynesia, Caledonia, Réunion, Martinique
Updated gallery at: 'Antonio Pastorelli's Portfolio' (http://www.antoniopastorelli.com) Nautilus, Mantas, Dolphins, Sharks, Turtles... -- TheSnak ...

Great Gallery: Polynesia, Caledonia, Reunion, Martinique
www.antoniopastorelli.com Nautilus, Mantas, Sharks, Dolphins, Turtles....

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Singles Diving Holidays
Hi Anyone know of a good/reputable comapny that offers diving holidays for singles ? (the Mrs doesnt dive) thanks in advance

dive log book stamp-ebay
dive log stamp: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=180226796423 Thank you for looking

canon flash diffuser wp-dc
hi i have got a canon wp-dc60 case , and i am looking for a flash diffuser to go with it , anyone know where i can get one or a part number for any of the canon under water diff...

OLF on Suunto Vyper2
Hi, I am considering replacing/supplementing my old vyper with a multi-gas computer. Originally I had my eyes on the Vytec, but judging from the specs, I think the Vy...

France - places in S. Brittany ?
Could you recommend diving places in Northern and Southern Brittany? Mostly interested in small islands, will be traveling by sailing yacht with own compressor, diving when anchoring preferr...

HotDive.com - a brand new international dive portal
Hi all! Some weeks ago I've started my webpage called HotDive. First and foremost this is an interactive map of dive sites and dive centers.It enables you to: - add dive site...

DIR video review
This review is just a personal opinion, and if I liked the video I probably wouldn't have been moved to write a review. Someone else evidently thought it was worth publishing. ...

South Coast Diving Easter weekend?
Mate and I are feeling like going diving on the south coast somewhere this weekend. Now haven't booked anything and realise that everywhere dive boat wise and probably b&b wise will be fully...

undersuits which one
hi i know i proberbly opening a can of worms with this one , but which undersuit is good for a all round with a budget of £150 approx plus a bit if worth it ;o) chee...

Navigation square pattern - Stoney Cove
Here's a good one for you a mate has asked me to find out the answer to. PADI advanced Navigation dive requires a 30m by 30m square pattern. Is it possible to fit such a square within...

Suunto Vyper Depth Sensor Probs?
I have two computers, A Suunto Vytec and Vyper. I noticed in the pool (2m) that the two computers were registering different depths at the bottom of the pool. The Vytec was showing the cor...

divesite coordinates
hi folks, i just have found this site, where you can check divesites via google earth. it's cool: www.dive-together.de

FA Skin Diving In East Africa scuba manual
A Novices Guide to Skin Diving in East Africa by W J Nixon, 35 pages,good condition. Really quirky item,not one I've come across before! Contains maps of good diving areas in East Afric...

eBay's most popular Buoyancy Compensators

Portland Harbour next Sat
Anyone fancy diving Portland harbour next Saturday? A few of us want to do a warm up dive, so probably the Countess and the Spaniard but we need 6 for Scimitar to go out. Cost is £30 for the...

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