Knowing Right Bass Fishing Techniques Improves Catches
It really does not matter what type of lure a person uses, without the right bass fishing techniques it will simply end up as a practice session for casting. Jigs, spinners and crank baits h...

Learn About the Magic Created by Hot Lingerie
What do you mean by hot lingerie in the first place? Only after you understand the meaning of this phrase you can understand what it can do for you. By hot, it is meant sexually arousing and...

Possible dumb questions?
Ciao e tutti, What do I need & where can I get a "thingy" or even a "whatsit" to top up one DIN cylinder from another? It would be handy to have had on on a couple of recent occ...

West Coast Commercial Diving School
Cape Town, South Africa... Anyone knows this place? It's easy to find work like a rov pilot or scuba diver 50m air? Excuse for my bad english, i am an italian!! ...

Sharm questions
First visit next week! Some questions? 1) What is the duty free limit for fags/booze coming back? Any tips on where to buy? 2) Drink the water? Eat the salads/ ice in d...

Tanzania - Any Good?
Hi, For our biggish holiday this year, thinking of doing a holiday on the coast of Tanzania. Has anybody been there - is the diving any good? Thanks John

Belize / Xanadu ideas for next month.... Jaaassssson :)
IF the passport turns up, I'm looking at going "somewhere" for Christmas. I did Maldives and Thailand earlier this year and now head scratching has ensued for a destination for next month/J...

Off to El Gouna, Red Sea.
OK so I've been to the Red Sea around Sharm / Naama Bay a few times but never to El Gouna. Can any one give me tips of who to dive with, where to dive, Where are good places to eat out etc...

Sneak dives in Singapore?
Hello all I am going on a quick business trip to Singapore in the next couple of days and wondered if I could get a sneaky dive or two in... Does anyone know if the coast ar...

Ultrasonic cleaners
I'm looking for buying advice on an ultrasonic cleaner. Our shop overhauls several regulators a week so we don't need anything that can clean more then one 1st stage, 2nd stage, and octo a...

How much lead?
Hi, Is there a calculation I can do to work out how much weight I need on my belt in a dry suit in the UK? I used 6 kg with a 12l aluminium tank and a shorty 3mm wetsuit in Egypt...

Free Prescription Assistance
Great site for prescription assistance is presented at .

Recommendations for Dive Companies in Hurghada
Hi Guys. Going to Hurghada at Christmas. Any Recommendations for Dive Companies. More to the point, any we should stay away from. -- Best Regards ...

Diving Thailand-Similan Islands Liveaboard
Headed back to Thailand for my 8th time. Love the diving and the culture. Check out the videos in the gallery at Come on out you will love it and bring a buddy....

Hello old skool
I see the website has sort of stalled since 2005 when I was last on here as a regular.. Is there still much happening these days? Sorry to say I've turned into a bit of a southern shan...

Lycra dive skin
For health reasons I've had to give up diving but I still like to snorkel. I've been looking for what I think is described as a lycra skin suit or a lycra rash suit, about 6 oz. with a SPF...

Thompson Fly
I know it's a common complaint about airlines charging excess baggage on scuba gear but I just had a run in with Thompson fly. Going to Sharm at Chrimbo which I booked in January. I a...

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