Aladin DataTrak - serial port or USB?
My new (desktop) Vista PC doesn't have a serial port for my Aladin MemoMouse. The FAQ on the Scubapro Web site has this:- Q: My laptop does not have RS-232 serial port. It has ...

2008 Spring & Neap Tides
If you're looking to plan your UK dive trips for 2008, I have produced the spring and neap tide graphs for next year. Tide heights used ar...

Drysuit neck seal
Hi Can anyone help me, I need to cut down a neck seal to fit my neck, but I've never done it before, can anyone give me some pointers, in particular, how much smaller then my ne...

Yo Long time ago someone told me he had to come up in a hurry becaouse of running low on air and was given a new tank and sent straight down again to finish his decompression. Th...

Dive Cameras
Hi All, Does anybody use any budget underwater/dive cameras that they can recommend. I am looking to spend around =A3130 (USD$260), looking for something that can take depths of...

Solo diving
What interest me is that the vast majority of diving incents if not all involve dives with buddy's so how good is the buddy system well after nearly 30 years of diving I've not seen much evi...

WWII ex Royal Navy Destroyer found in the Red Sea
Dive report and video at Hope you like it. Steve

OT: O2 phone network coverage in Egypt
Hi all off for a Red Sea Northern Wrecks trip in a couple of weeks. :D Does any one know what O2 contract coverage is like, especially WAP as I need to keep in touch with m...

Watch Satellite TV On Your PC
Watch Satellite TV on PC Now! Anyone can watch satellite TV on PC today thanks to a breakthrough in internet digital TV technology. In fact, it has become so popular that many ...

Watch Satellite TV On Your PC
Watch Satellite TV On Your PC Watch TV Shows, Movies, Sports & More! Over 2500 TV Stations On Your PC.

Dive Centres in Playacar, Mexico
Hi All, In a few weeks, my and my wife are flying out to Playacar, Mexico. Does anybody on this group have an experiece of any good (or really bad) dive centres in this area they ...

Oban trip 27th September 2007
We have four places available on the Halmar Bjorge up the sound of mull. Answer on all welcome. MG

sonar on ebay
Side Scan Sonar Edge Tech EG&G 272T / wreck hunting On ebay: SONAR A BAL...

Buying regs - which type of frst stage?
Hi All, Me and the wife have just completed the PADI openwater course, and decided to buy our own kit. During the PADI course, we used the type A (attach over connector and tight...

M26 valves
Doubtless some of you have read about the new EU Directive over differentiating between valves used for air and those used for Nitrox. I wrote to my MP about it, and he wrote to the Chief Ex...

Greek recommendations.
Thinking of a family hol to Greece in summer 2008. Thinking will get some diving in while the land mammals sun themselves. Question is - where are the best dive sites in Greece? This ...

A brace found this time Say no more. Any bets on a triple next time???

OT: Help a visiting Colonial
We're going to be vacationing in the UK, and plan to drive around England, Scotland and Wales. I want to get a UK SIM card for my GSM phone (it has the correct frequencies), and the choices ...

anti-malaria medication
Lariam. This medication is used to treat and prevent malaria.

Another solo fool found after a Search and Rescue
Idiot solo diving in Lyme Bay this afternoon ended up in a different location to his boat - again only crewed by 1 person. Luckily rescued by a merchant vessel and still alive after 2 warsh...

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