27 Apr 2005 10:46:59
and now for somthing completley different9

Imagine the scene.

Barry loved his ciggies. He loved them so much you could say that he was
addicted to them. When he was a fit young all singing, all dancing diver he
was the first in and more often than not the last out.

As he matured he began to choose his dives and got very selective. On one
particular foray to the Orkneys he only dived on his own and chose "only the
best dives" as he would put it. In his time he has experimented with
numerous different methods of keeping his cigarettes and matches dry while
diving (there is an unsubstantiated rumour that he once lit up a ciggy in
the hydro box at Stony). On this holiday he found out that if he put a
cigarette in his mask he could keep it dry and light it up after his dive
and float on his back puffing away while waiting to be picked up. One time
though, he got himself into trouble when he was instructing on a boat
handling course. Word got back to the course boss that he was actually
smoking his cigarette whilst demonstrating the different types of flares
that were available.

He was actually sat over the open flare box, ciggy in gob pulling out flares
and discussing their merits and disadvantages. Fortunately nobody was
seriously hurt.