24 Sep 2003 16:04:10
UK Visibility Reports

21/9/2003 "US Tank Landing Craft, Chesil" 10 meters
Loads of fish on wreck including grey triggers. 19 degrees

21/9/2003 "Nunima - Dymchurch" 7-8m
Good vis, Longggg slacks, cracking dive

21/9/2003 "Luis" 3+ metres
18 degrees

21/9/2003 "Isleworth" 1 metre

21/9/2003 "Hood" 4m
Viz better inside and on harbour side

20/9/2003 "Loanda - Dover" 6-7m
Best vis ever on this wreck.

20/9/2003 "De Fontaine, Dymchurch" 5-6m
19 Deg C, Good vis, Cracking dive

20/9/2003 "Black Hawk" 4m
Water still 18C

19/9/2003 "Dredger Weymouth" 5+m

14/9/2003 "The Cita, and various other sites around the Scillies" 12m
14 degrees - bit chillier than Weymouth!

8/9/2003 "Risga Loch Sunart" 15m
14degrees, reasonable fish life

6/9/2003 "The Lucy" 8m
Dark but clear. 17c recorded at near 40m

6/9/2003 "Shuna Sound of Mull" 5m
14degrees no jellyfish

06/9/2003 "Lochgarry, Rathlin Island" 15-20m
15 degrees

31/8/2003 "Kyarra" 2m
much more visability inside than outside!

30/8/2003 "Plymouth Sound" 1m
real pea souper. 16 - 17 C

25/8/2003 "Stern of the Black Hawk  Weymouth" 15 metres
Great viz at 45m 18 degrees at stops, luvly.

25/8/2003 "Moldavia" 10m
A great dive!

25/8/2003 "Falmouth Bay Drift (scallop beds)" 5m
18 degrees

25/8/2003 "Aeolian Sky" 20m+
Never seen viz like it in the UK! Fantastic, best viz ever!

24/8/2003 "Train Wreck nr Hayle" 10m

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