24 Jan 2007 12:40:42
Scuba Chatbot

Hello everyone,
I am working on an AI that can understand scuba diving, Right know she
(Anna) is not very bright. She need to have conversation with Humans to get
brighter. The learning process is done manually by me at the end of the

When you talk to Anna and she answers you with the wrong answers, Wrong
answers, you should have said

If you are interested in the project, you can download the beta version from
sourceforge.org. Just search for NukeAI

To test out my bot and teach her go here --
www.divesitenet.com-- >English-->Discussions-->NukeAI
<http://www.divesitenet.com--color=#0000FF> >English-->Discussions-->NukeAI>

Please Give me some feedback on what can be improve in the NukeAI Forum

Keep in mind its beta!!