12 Oct 2006 08:46:19
Otic Domeboro

There are loads of references on line that use of Otic Domeboro is
recommended when you are doing multiple dives.

I get Otis Externa when I return form a dive trip, and Otic Domeboro
would be a good preventive ..

Has anybody found a UK source for this ? or know the formulation, I
could make up my own.

I know that many advocate 1:1 mix of white vinegar & Iso Propyl Alchol
(70% strength), as a substitute ... but would like to make up the pukka

I quote ... "The US Navy now use Otic Domeboro=AE

Solution: 2 percent acetic acid, water, aluminum acetate, sodium
acetate and boric acid. The acid retards bacterial growth, while the
aluminum and sodium acetate act as astringents, drawing excess water
out of the cells lining the ear canal. The use of Otic Domeboro=AE has
eliminated the otitis externa problem for Navy saturation divers. ...

So any chemists out there, or anybody have a bottle they can read the
mix off ?