Electric Outboard Engine
I'm a business school student looking at the market feasibility of introducing a 2-10HP electric outboard engine that could be used as primary propulsion. This product would be introduced by...

Life Jackets allowed on Easyjet?
Looking here http://www.easyjet.com/EN/Planning/baggage.html makes me think I can't take my Crewsaver lifejacket on Easyjet. Anybody care to comment? Cheers, Fred...

A Manly group.
This looks like a good sailing newsgroup. I notice there's not a woman posting at this time. Jolly good! CN

For UKRS's West Coast Experts.
We are hiring a boat on the West Coast in a few weeks time and as always, the tides don't really work with us. In a boat good for 6kts under motor is it feasable to go north through the...

Scilly to Medway.
I need to get new boat back from Holyhead to the Medway at some point before, say, end of june. First leg will to be Scilly, but not sure how much time to sensibly allow for rest of trip or ...

Aries windvane
I've inhereted an aries liftup with new (to me) boat. Was mostly seized up but I've managed to get it working again. Question is, how easy should the paddle wheel/ windvane turn? I can turn ...

SeaQuest 36
Hi, Anyone sailed on the SeaQuest 36? Any idea how good they are build and how durable they are, comparing to Benettau First 36.7 for example? thanks, Stibr...

Code rules/Charter Charts.
I'm planning a charter trip and the photos of the boat show a nice new laptop on the chart table but little evidence of charts or pilot guides (I'm sure they will have Reeds) Coul...

First Aid Course this weekend
All, If you're intersted in an RYA first aid course this weekend in South London, phone Jonathan or Kaz on 0208 691 7606. http://www.ahoy.org.uk

Heads Up - there is a fake Guy Fawkes stalking me
Apologies for it getting here, shouldn't last long, just a bloody fool who is trying to stir the shit to get himself out of a conviction. It has always been easy to tell who is me from...

35mm Underwater Camera Outfit For Sale!

Battery Charging
I am rewiring my boat. The wiring was hacked off before the engine compartment. Can anyone tell me the exact function and wiring of the canister ( about the same size as a coil in a car) w...

The Greatest News Ever!
http://www.jcil.blogspot.com << The Greatest News Ever!

handheld GPS
After a year of cruiser sailing as a crewmember I feel it's time I got to grips with the mysteries of the GPS but I don't want to keep pestering my skipper with "How do you do this?" Neither...

The Greatest News Ever!
http://www.jcil.blogspot.com << The Greatest News Ever!

RYA Website
I Can't get into the RYA website - is anyone able to confirm if it is offline or my PC that is the problem? Adam H

Lifebuoys - How to Rig?
I have inherited 2 lifebuoys from previous owner. Both are sited as normal on the pushpit. Each is attached to a drogue which is rigged inside a plastic tube, attached to the pushpit. O...

(",) Do You Want To Know For Sure You Are Going To Heaven?
http://www.want-to-be-sure.blogspot.com << Click On Link

Halcyon 27: Replacement fuel tank
My (once!) galvanised steel diesel tank has finally sprung a leak. It is badly corroded and needs replacing. My Halcyon 27 still has its SABB 8hp which has no fuel pump. I cannot ...

(",) Do You Want To Know For Sure You Are Going To Heaven?
http://www.want-to-be-sure.blogspot.com << Click On Link

WindSurf on www.etantonio.it/en
Hello all, I want to signal to you the section of my site dedicated to the windsurf, http://www.etantonio.it/EN/Sport/Windsurf/index.aspx you can found the description of...

Sunsail charter in Thailand
I returned last week from a fortnight's bareboat charter with Sunsail off Phuket. (Philip Allum was very helpful with advice - he's out there now sailing from Phuket to Langkawi, lucky swi...

Yachtmaster practical preparation
Hello, did my yachtmaster theory course about 7 years ago and bit rusty on elements of the theory - sail in the solent in an old Westerly Centaur and use bouyage for the most part.

(",) Do You Want To Know For Sure You Are Going To Heaven?
http://www.want-to-be-sure.blogspot.com << Click On Link

Wind Farms
Just filling in the RYA enquiry form about wind farms: defining our sailing and racing area. Is there any chance they could build a wind farm 2 miles offshore, and when the wind...

Cleaning paddlewheel log
Is it possible ( without sinking the boat ) to remove the paddle wheel for cleaning whilst afloat. My boat is on the Broads so cleaning between tides isn't possible.

Sailing "blogs"???
Hi all, The topic of "blogging" has been in the news lately. Has anyone heard of good sailing weblogs? I've found: Zephyr (new but really good reading) http...

Beastie results
Results,report & pictures now on web site at www.wimbleballsc.org.uk

(",) Do You Want To Know For Sure You Are Going To Heaven?
http://www.want-to-be-sure.blogspot.com << Click On Link

Any Chandleries in/near to Central London?
Subject says it all really. Thanks for any info. Cheers, Fred.

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