OT: Leaky Vent Plug
"OT" bc it's on a waveski, not a windsurfer.... Check out http://www.flickr.com/photos/48262653@N00/549953631/ Came back from surfing and this thing was blowing bubbles and ...

Bic Hybrid
Anybody sailed on the Bic Hybrid? What are some thoughts on this board? My wife is wanting to get one. Thanks, Woody

POLL: Euro Pin or US Cup? and why?
Just curious to see who uses what and why. I use US cup... mostly cuz that's what I started with. Pros: +place to store your downlaul line +seems to work better in sand...

Neil Pryde Sail cams... Proper behavior?
I've got two Neil Pryde Spirit sails, a 6.7 and an 8.5m. Both are two cams. But I find the cam action odd, especially on the 8.5 . The roller cams seat on the mast, but the joint ...

Along for a ride at Hatteras Inlet!
Hey all, Check out the first GoPro video up on OBX Beach Life: http://obxbeachlife.blogspot.com/ enjoy! Bill

Ego Jibe Contest /SurfLord Beach Party - Storrie Lake, NM
In the rare case that any of you are heading up or down I-25 in the vicinity of Las Vegas, NM [the other LOST Vegas] thie upcoming weekend, feel free to join us Saturday, June 16, at S...

Nose protector to G-Sailboards 144
Hi there, I have broke couple of times my boards nose with catapult in gusty winds of Baltic sea. I would like to prevent incoming breaks with nose protector. Do you wan't to rec...

Recommendation for Easily Adjustable Single Bolt Mast Base (euro pin)
I'm thinking about replacing the deviator with two formula mast pads (a total of 46 inches of mast padding) and a single bolt, easily adjustable (on the water) mast base. I'm hoping to get ...

What to bring to the Gorge?
We're leaving Friday for a week in Rowena. I'm square with my gear, but I'm wondering what I'll be wearing. Both on the water and off. I have wetsuits I'm comfortable sailing in in anywher...

When was the last time you sailed to a safe place to turn around?
I watched a friend today sail a shortboard for the first time in 25 years. She's been bumming my Superlight, but I gave her a couple of waterstart lessons last weekend and conned her into br...

Windsurfing with a jib (the sail, not a jibe without an "e") (image/video)
Going through some old video clips I found this guy. It's only 8 seconds of footage, but it's the only such rigging I've seen. Has anyone else seen/heard of such stuff? ...

Board repair in SF/Bay area
Anybody know of someone who does glass/epoxy work in San Francisco? Gurlies board blew off the roof while loading yesterday and crushed about 5" of the tail/rail. I don't really have the tim...

Kiteboarding is for lamers t-shirt
Sure, they have "windsurfing has been cancelled", but now we have "Kitesurfing is for lamers" t-shirts! Here I am modeling the shirt http://flickr.com/photos/85495343@N00/54...

Windsurfing in Nice, France
I will spend five days in the area, any recommendation for windsurfing spots ( I am not going to bring my gear).

Lopez Lake water level link
For anyone interested: www.slocountywater.org/Water%20Resources/Data/Reservoirs/Lopez/index.htm

Be up to date with Freestyle Frenzy
If you're thinking about going to the event they started a blog to let everyone know the latest information. http://capecodfreestylefrenzy.blogspot.com/ As of today it looks...

guincho info
hi all, i have a chance to visit guincho next month. looking at the pwa clips there, i understand that it's mainly a beach break with pretty onshore winds, and starboard ta...

Realwind in the PNW
Looking for a Carbon Surflite in either the 240/241 or 250 flavor. Budget does not allow for new. If you have one in reasonable shape (cosmetic challenges OK), pls contact off li...

Sesh Report: A big day in IL (Photos)
Hi everyone, we had a really nice day last Thursday(6/07/07) on Lake Carlyle IL. http://www.windsurfillinois.com/mb/viewtopic.php?t=430 Sharing the stoke, R...

Ronstan Challenge: SF long distance and course racing report
The Ronstan Bay Challenge has been a tradition among Bay Area windsurfers since the early 1990s. Unlike its often confused sister race- the Bay Classic- run later in the year- this downwind ...

Coming back to the sport....need board help!
Previously sailed but been out for at least 10 years. Much heavier now, at 230lbs, (but losing!) considering either getting an old longboard such as an Equipe or Cat to get back going on, ...

Can Longboards rip in waves?
The controversy around this topic interests me, at least partly because when I was 11 years old I was given my first surfboard. It was approx 10 feet long and weighed 30 pounds. I could ba...

Dog Name Needed
Hello, My husband and I just got a new puppy. We both windsurf, but can't think of a good windsurfing name for him. We'd love some suggestions. Lisa

Sail, then talk
It looks like this rule only works for consumers. Date : 5/27/2007 11:58:40 AM Author : John I http://exocet-original.com/forum/read.asp?ID=1979 I suspect the Kona One i...

Kids' rigs
Hi sailing parents, Need to complete the kit I am assembling for my 80 pound child. I have a 2.5 sail and a boom but still need the two piece mast(390-400). Any small stuff you al...

Pro-Limit Harness; Why are they hard to find?
I've read good reports on Pro-Limit harnesses, but nobody other than WindDance seems to have them, why is that? Does any shop in Hatteras stock them? Thanks.

Let's revitalize this "sail, then talk" issue
Saw a thread on a sail mftr's sight where the Kona was discussed and the sponsor was surprized that one poster thought it was very good in the waves. The tone was such that the Kona had bee...

last notice- BABA race this weekend
The Baltimore Area Boardsailing Association is holding its Spring MAS (Mid Atlantice Series) race June 9 & 10 at the Hammerman Area of the Gunpowder State Park system. See for details, NOR,...

where can I buy windsurfing boards?
Hello!! Do You know places where can I buy used windsurfing boards? Some markets every weekend? the most wanted: F, B, NL, D. Best regards! and thx for help. M. ...

Do you think she's a windsurfer? (humor intended)
I saw a license plate on a car today in Baltimore that read "THANKUJ". My initial thought was about universal joints but I think this lady had more conventional religious thoughts in mind. ...

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