My wave Btw, when are the video game designers going to come with an X-Box Windsurfing game? You navigate your way through old-skool ...

O'neill FLX Wetsuit
We had our first cool night last night which got me thinking about the colder weather coming. I have an old Oneill DrySuit that someone gave me and I tried it on last night for the first tim...

Formula Racing - Rye, NY, OCT 8-9
Formula Racing - Rye, NY, OCT 8-9 The High Performance Dinghy Open Regatta, to be held at American yacht Club In Rye New York, will have Formula Windsurf divison for the first time th...

broken nose
Hi there, had fun sailing my new JP Ride 135 when all of the sudden I was stopped and my mast hit the nose of the board. Damage is not severe (I think), just a couple of scratches and...

Bizzaro World??
Did I just wake up in Bizzaro World? Starboards new 2006 models are shown on their web page. They are now showing (slightly) longer narrower boards with parrall rails and centerboards (hyd...

New HPL Boom Head
Any experiences with the new HPL boom head for the big booms, aka the "Streamlined knock-off"? Here's one guy who's not happy:

loft sails
I just ripped the crap out of my 5.0 Poison, and replaced it with 2 loft sails. They're both wave sails (Lip), a 5.2 and a 5.7 I would have preferred a 5.0, but what the heck. My quiver i...

Any feedback on the quality of Chinook Carbon Booms
Has anyone got any feedback on the quality of Chinook Carbon Booms. I was impressed by the range of extension 195 to 261, that's a whopping 66cm. Do they last and are the fittings trouble fr...

Boom Height: Board Component?
Does anybody find themselves varying boom height depending on the board they're sailing - or do you always keep them at 'your' height. -- PeteCresswell

2005 V8 8.0 online reviews
I am considering buying an used 2005 V8 8.0. Is there any online review of it ? Comparing with the competition ? Thank you. -- Fabio Pereira Bernardino Rio de Jan...

Survey on the state of booties (i.e. Oke Gorge)
Hi all. I'm a bootie shod windsurfer. Always have been (for 21 years). If you're not, you can ignore this post. For those who prefer a comfortable bootie like me, who is distressed at ...

lost at Berkeley - Fiberspar Carbon Boom
At His Lordships rigging area...after Wed night slalom race (er...actually non-race, as it was cancelled) Please give me a call if you picked it up. Thanks, Oren ...

Windsurfing & Aqua Velva Commercial
Just saw windsurfing in a Aqua Velva commercial

Windsurfing & Aqua Velva Commercial
Just saw windsurfing in a Aqua Velva commercial

Hybrids and Hummers sharing the highway
It is time for us to collectively decide on how to share road with Hummers and Hybrids. There have been a few lame attempts to deal with this issue but with no apparent degree of su...

windsurfing in Indiana
I just moved to West Lafayette and I am wondering where the most popular windsurfing spot are in the state. It would be nice to get out on the water a few times this Fall.

Windsurfers and Kiters sharing water space
It is time for us to collectively decide on how to share water with windsurfers and kite sailers. There have been a few lame attempts to deal with this issue but with no apparent degree of s...

Board Recommendation/Experience
Looking for experience/advice to help with my selection of a new board. I ride Gulf of Mexico & Atlantic waves, from knee-high onshore slop to overhead side-on w/ shorebreak to occasio...

Any first hand recent weed reports for San Luis Reservoir?
Any first hand recent weed reports for San Luis Reservoir?

thoughts about footstraps
Hey Group, On some on my boards the foot strap inserts are spaced close enough that I can use two screws per strap and eliminate the little plastic anti twist devices. However, I was w...

TI goes off AGAIN!!
TI was awesome again yesterday, especially after the ebb kicked in. Guys were on 4.0 to 5.0 yesterday, and there were fun, clean swell and some good ramps. For those of you in the...

Bic Blast for Low Wind board?
Anybody have any first hand experience with the Bic Blast boards? I'm looking to upgrade from my old used Techno 273 which I tend to use with a 7.5 sail. I MIGHT go up to a 9.0 later, so...

Vent screw for a Naish Supercross
Well after returning from a nice trip (4 WEEKS!) to the gorge, I noticed that my nice vent plug on the naish supercross is missing a screw. Probably fell out on the drive home (I guess). ...

Looks like Hatteras will be the place to be early next week. Alan, how's your head? Ready to shred? Hugh

Many years ago (probably before some of you were born), I worked for the original Windsurfer company, the one that started it all, and as a perk, I was able to purchase a "Pro" board at cost...

South Afrika in November - December
Hi all, I'm planning a two month trip to SA for some good wavesailing. Winds & waves enough I've read, but the water temps are worrying me. (As well as flipper, but I'm planning o...

Wide or narrow
Hi! What difference are two freerideboard to ride, say about 100L: 260/58 and 260/63. How much narrow board is harder to jibing than wider (Difference only 5cm). Is narrow better in ro...

Windsurfing Gear on American Airlines
Hi. Has anyone traveled with gear recently on American. Since I last used them it seems their policy has changed. Now they have a size limit of 115 inches (L+W+H) which basically precludes e...

missing windsurfer in Aruba since '99
I was flipping channels on TV the other night and came across Fox News's Greta Van Sustern, who has been relentlessly following the Natalie Holloway case in Aruba, and she was interviewing t...

Win a JP Board or NP Sail Kind of a weird idea, but there are some good video clips, and hey, it's a chance to win some stuff :-D

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