OT: Changing my name.. jimmyschmidtslikeschocolatemilk is now changed to Zephyr
I don't know of any news group netiquette or similar for changing you own name, but, I decided to dump my long and really kinda stupid name in favor of something that was more manageabl...

port tack vs starboard tack at sherman island
When going out from the playpen at sherman island (port tack?) I have lots of trouble getting on the plane. Every chop that comes along seems to push me in the wrong direction. When coming b...

central cali wind forcast, similar to waddell's ?
Hi I'm considering going to down to cen cali coast (A.L.) tomorrow/wed because yesterday/today has been good and it is quite tempting. However, the forecast for waddell is good today ...

2005 NP V8 - no cam pocket zippers
Hi, I Just tried my new 7.0 NP v8 and there are no cam pocket zippers. It was tough to get the cams on the sail but impossible to pop them off. The 6.0 has the zippers. Just wan...

ANNOUNCE: Navman Maui Speed Challenge Series: Race 4
ANNOUNCE August 21, 2005 RACE 4 OF THE NAVMAN MAUI SPEED CHALLENGE HAVE BEEN POSTPONED TO AUG 28 Maui, Hawaii (USA) -- Race #4 of the Maui Speed Challenge Series has be...

personal portable media
Hi, I'm looking for : A personal portable media that is/can: Based on linux OS with command prompt (so alot of softwares can be installed) at least 3.5 in lcd can play mpeg n ...

Polish slalom racing
I think it was Paul who was surprised that people windsurf in Poland. Check out these shots from slalom races in Poland. Man it looks like fun conditions to sail in (but not to race i...

Whistling Fin?
My new fin whistles! I received a replacement fin from Select after my original one was failing. Fit is wonderful...nice and tight in the box (Tuttle), however when hitting planing speed, ...

surfboards stolen in Assateague, Maryland
I'm posting this for a freind of mine. Steve's a great all year round sailor. If he can harness wind for moving himself around, whether it be on water, snow, ice or land, he'll do it. ...

Re: Planing threshold
Hi Bob, "Bob A." (noSpamHere@aol.net) writes: > Steve, > Yes I'm sure you could manage that oversize sail on the 118 liter. You say > "even managed a half-dece...

Daggerboard for F2 Comet - any hope?
I lost the daggerboard/centerboard on my friend's old Comet F2 -- the board flipped and the darn thing dropped out and sank. Any hope of finding a replacement?

Croyde Bay Surfing Forum
Croyde Bay Surfing Forum http://www.croydebay.com/forum/index.php

Windsurfing Instructors Wanted
Experienced windsurfing instructors wanted for busy school on Maui. Beginner, Intermediate, Waterstart, Jibe, & Jumping lessons. U.S. citizen, driver's licence, Part-time and full-time posit...

Fin Size
How come people mostly refer to fin size by length when area is the most important spec? Just wondering.

MTV newsguy contact
Hi Michael, Could you give me a shout via email? I've got a question for you and I've lost your email. Ellen

Team USA and the Suncoast classic
The Suncoast CLassic (St Pete FL, November 12-13) will be the inaugural race for the Bic 293OD class. This is our hybrid class for Juniors, and we are hoping for a great turn out. Bic will b...

Floras Lake sailing
Hello! I was wondering if anyone has any feedback on sailing Floras Lake, OR? Winds, water temp, recommended sail sizes.. any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks...

For Sale - 4.7, 4.2 Superfreak
If anyone is intersted, I am selling an all black 4.7 Superfreak on ebay http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ssPageName=ADME:L:LCA:US:31&item=5232371674 This is no rese...

windsurfer run over by powerboat
A sad day for sailing at Harrison Lake, BC, Canada. Word on the street says the goons were tanked... http://tinyurl.com/chqjx Sail safe out there...

arcane - foot strap bolt thread size for Bic Vivace
Anyone happen to know what the thread size is of the bolts used to attach foot straps to the Bic Vivace, it's a '95 if that makes a difference. Thanks. Ben

2005 Maui-Molokai Crossing Results
WINDSURFING: 1. Marc Lefebvre 2. Connor Baxter 3. Baker Grant 4. Doug Hunt 5. Andy Bridge 6. Michael Hunter 7. Zane Schweitzer 8. Shawneen Schweitzer 9. Ma...

Update: Windsurfing Gear on American Airlines
I heard back from the AA "specialist". After consulting with several corporate people he summarized the rules as follows: - Windsurfing gear defined as 1 board + 1 sail + 1 mast + 1 bo...

Tech Jobs in Portland (The Gorge)
If you've been contemplating a move to the Gorge, and if you are a chip designer or software engineer, check out this link: http://www.stexar.com

Planing threshold
Thinking of getting a light wind board to improve my TOW. Currently I can plane in around 12knots (14mph) [pumping] on my Fanatic Cross 110 (62cm wide) with a 7.2 Ezzy Infinity. I wei...

Windsurfing Goggles
Can anyone recommend a good goggle which won't fog ? If possible it could be used for snowboarding too. I had the Barz (www.barzoptics.com) but i lost it some weeks ago whe...

Cheap Board Bags?
Hi All, Anyone know where to get some decent quality, cheap, board bags? Two years ago, I had the woman at Ugly Bags make me two custom bags. They've been great, but are sta...

Jeff Henderson's Super Freaky Fish
Skipping ahead to the "believe it or not" segment... http://surfingsports.com/super_freaky_fish/index.html Jeff Henderson (Hot Sails Maui) was ripping upwind /downwind on this

Accident at Sherman Isl.?
Hi all, I just saw a posting on the iWindsurf discussion group someone asking about an accident at Sherman this past Saturday, anyone have any info on that? Seems that someone wa...

iwindsurf wind corrections?
Does anyone know if iWindsurf "corrects" their true anemometer readings before they publish their data? I heard long ago that they do adjust their readings based on local knowledg...

Found a stash of old Gulftech SS pins
Sometime last year we had some people looking for these pins. At the time, I could only find 6 and Ke bought them all. Well we found 19 more today. Unfortunately, I've long...

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