20 Mar 2008 07:01:04
FS: A long list of windsurfing gear - updated.

Long list of gear for sale for you to look through.

1. 2002 Sailworks 430 EPX wave/slalom mast. 45% carbon. 22mcs.
Brand new. $140.

2. 2002 Sailworks 4.6 Revolution. Yellow and Red. Like new. Used 6
times. $135 + shipping. Uses a 430 mast.

3. 2001 Sailworks 4.1 Revolution. Yellow. Like new. Used 2 times.
Uses a 400 or 430 mast. $60. Both the 4.6 and 4.1 sail have
incredible range.

*** PENDING *** Sailworks 75% carbon 40 cm fixed base extension. The
way to extend a mast and keep good bend characterics. $40.

**** SOLD **** 5. True Ames Surf Grass 8.75" fin. Brand new in the
wrapper. Paid
$120. Will sell for $85.

6. True Ames Surf Grass 10.25" fin. Brand new in the wrapper. Paid
$130. Will sell for $95.

7. Neil Pryde size 11 5mm dry suit boots. Like new. $45.

8. 45cm Chinook base extension. Like new. Paid $55. Will sell for

9. Brand new Chinook downhaul crank (us box). Paid $46. Will sell
for $30.

10. Chinook hour glass base for Chinook base plate. Paid $42. Will
sell for $25.

11. Chinook mechanical hour glass base for Chinook base plate. Paid
$42. Will sell for $25.

12. 15" Windsurfing Hawaii fin stash. Hold 5 fines. $20.

13. Brand new Hifly 31cm slalom cm. Paid $90. Will sell for $60.

14. True Ames Blade weed fin. Very good condition. Paid $110. $65.

15. Brand new Hifly wave fin. 22.5cm. Paid $90. Will sell for $60.

16. Brand new Maui fin company 35cm free ride fin. Paid $140. Will
sell for $80.

17. Brand new True Ames 18" (45cm) Santa Barbara Weed fin. Paid
$148. Will sell for $110.

18. Like new Chinook stubby extension. Use 1 time. Paid $38. Will
sell for $23.

19. Dakine 20" fin stash. Hold 6 fins. Like new. Paid $42. Will
sell for $20.

20. 24" Lakes Bay custom fin stash. Like new. Hold 6 fins. Paid $55.
Will sell for $40.

21. 25cm Chinook base extension. Like new. Paid $48. will sell for

22. 45cm Brand new Chinook base extension. Paid $55. Will sell

23. Like new True Ames 13.5 weed fin. Paid $139. Will sell for $95.

24. Like new Curtis Free ride32cm fin. Paid $120. Will sell for $80.

25. 2005 Neil Pryde Full 4/3 wetsuit Series 3000. Like new. Size
L. Used 6 times. I just have "grown in certain areas" and need a
larger suit. Similar suit runs $200. Will sell for $100. A very
warm, comfortable and easy to get in suit.

26. TEC shorty size L. Like new. Used 4 times. I need a larger
$40. A great smooth skin short. 3mm.

27. 2005 Hifly Freeride 259 Board. Like new. 259x59cm. Includes
heavily padded deluxe foil reflective board bag. Huge wind range. Can
run a 4.2 up through a 6.8 on this board. Fast, planes quick, easy to
jibe, and built tough...carbon/kevlar construction for entire board.
Shape will still go head-to-head with current boards. Weight: 17 lbs.
Red with yellow/red logos. Power box. Search web for Hifly freeride
see what these boards look like... and I can send pics of course. A
shop owner sailed this board up until a year ago despite all the
designs/brands available to him and he simply loved the board and he
is a top notch sailor.

28. Windsuring Hawaii 2005 Carbon Boom. Like new condition with
Dakine harness lines, uphaul and dakine front head pad. 150cm-210cm
range. 60cm range allows it to be used on sails from about a 4.2 to a
6.6. Blue and Black. A very nice boom. Stiff. Easy to operate. $210 +
shipping. 2008 carbon booms are very expensive.

29. 2007 Fiberspar 4800 Quicktip 430cm wave/slalom mast. Great mast.
$75% carbon. Excellent condition. With mast bag. Used about 8
times. Paid $390. Will sell for $230.

ALL FINS are POWER BOX base. And all of the fins are current designs
purchased over the last 2 years. Not old shapes. All the base
extensions and bases are US.

Shipping is an additional cost on all items. Emails for pics if

John Gamble
Madison, WI

Enjoy the upcoming season. John