My new record
Yer all invited up to my lake, here I can get 6 at 43 off no problem. Heck I can do it at 40 mph. ! Besides, if you can't manipulate yer balls in your own lake where can you? :)...

Skis for Sale...
For Sale: 1 - 69" HO ASX (02') blank with flame graphics in excellent condition $150. 1 - 65" HO ASX blank with flame graphics in excellent condition $150. Ship to you at cost. No dings or...

Best Beginners Kneeboard
I have an HO STRIKER which is great for my own use, but as I often have people join me for a day on the ocean . thinking of buying a cheaper easy to ride beginners board. Partly...

Saaayyy.. What's Up Doc?? Haven't seen anything like this since the coke filled skis.

Waterski / Wakeboard in Greensboro, NC
Considering moving to Greensboro. Any info on what lakes are the best in that area for skiing and wakeboarding would be appreciated. Or any private ski communities in the area?

Looking for wakeboarding newsgroup, but the closest I come is RSW. So, 14 year old is looking for beginner wakeboard information. For example, good beginners board for first summer? ...

WSM -"Be the Mag"
(Obtuse reference to Chevy Chase film)

Piece of Art Work Needed
Here in Welland Ontario we are engaged in the waterskiiing wakeboarding fight of our lives. The Parks and Recreation Department has blocked off access to our waterway, the Wella...

Obrien Verdict
Anyone skied an Obrien Verdict before? I'm advanced on a slalom. Looking for something fast and manueverable. I'm tall and lightweight. Thx

Kneeboard purchase questions
I'm considering buying either the O'Brien Airageous, the Hydroslide Kaos, or the Hydroslide Phantom. Can someone describe the benefits of a compression molded board over roto-mold...

Trophy Lakes Coverage
When the new World Slalom Record was set at Trophy Lakes Gordon Slingerland was there. For his first-hand account of the action complete with video click below. http://www.aquask...

Water Ski book?
Do you guys know of a good water ski techniques book? Do they make a Water Skiing for Dummies? I want to learn some more of the lingo before I take some lessons this summer at Christina ...

Bow Bra for towing
Every time I tow my Malibu Flightcraft anywhere I pick up nicks in the front under-bow from gravel. Does anyone know of a source for a bra (like on a sports car) or any other solution to th...

WTB: Supra Comp
I am looking for a nice used Supra Comp in the 1995-2000 range. I sold my boat and have the cash. Please let me know if you have seen one for sale. I will travel several hundred miles for ...

Club Insurance
Anyone with club liability insurance through Ski Safe (Sullivan & Strass Agency, Inc) be prepared for a large shock at renewal time. We have a $1M liability policy with them to cover the s...

Binding Suggestions
I purchased a Burner Slalom ski by HO last fall, and the front foot binding seems too big for me. I find the tip of the water ski hard to control during starts and my toes poke out of the...

New Slalom World Record - What does it mean?
I heard that Parish did 1 1/4 bouys at 43 off.... What the heck does that mean? I don't understand what the score of 1 1/4 refers to. Thanks. K. Engel

Wakeboard sliders
Hello, Does anyone have a manufacturer for wakeboard sliders or plans on how to fabricate them? BTW the one manufacturer I found, Rave Sports apparently doesn't make th...

FS: 1999 Supra Legacy only 156 hrs
I have this boat for sale in Maryland. It is located on the Potomac River near Hagerstown, MD. The colors are Blue/white, with a small amount of teal. It has the 325hp Indmar 5.7L eng...

Indmar maintenance questions
'93 Ford Indmar HO (285 HP) Need some help with replaceable maintenance items. Oil Filter - I think this is stock FL-1A Fuel/Water separator - ? Spark Plugs - ? ...

For Sale
For Sale: 2 - 02' HO ASX's 1-65", 1-69" Blank with fins - $150. each plus shipping. Both in excellent condition, have picture. Jim Yeager 207-647-8897 ...

Wanted: Used Insta-Slalom portable course. Contact me with info - Jim

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