27 May 2004 15:35:49
Ye old waterski exercise topic

I just got in the Integrity 3000 Air Rower yesterday. Mark recommended the
Concept II (model C or D) Air Rower and everything I've seen on the web in
forums confirms that the Concept II is the AR of choice. But I just
couldn't bring myself to spend $900 on one of these and the deals on eBay
weren't that good. So I took a chance on getting cheap junk and got the
Integrity 3000 for $200 delivered.

So far I'm happy with the purchase. It looks to be a pretty well made unit
for $200. It seems to work as well as a couple I tried at the used exercise
equipment store as well as a old Concept II model B they had that was pretty
beat looking for $400. So I thought I would relay this info in case there
was anyone interrested in Air Rowers but not willing to shell out for the
primo units.