Post your most Bizarre falls from a Uni
The other day i was riding my MUni around our carport, which is suspended, and has a drop of two metres along one edge, unfenced or anything (obviously the builders didn't think a...

Domain name change: to what?
Rod Wylie (teachndad) has very generously offered to pay for a domain name for the site. We'd love to take him up on this offer and are now asking suggestions for...

Anybody Ever Try This?!?
well, i was just thinking of something, and i think its pretty probable to do, but a backflip, or a front flip on a unicycle o.0 just think about it, ride seat-in-front, be up on...

How the crap do I ride this thing
well I just finished making my BC wheel, and holy crap its hard to ride, i can make it about 3 feet then i fall down hard, can you give me some pointers please, I havn't felt this help...

how to paint a uni?
okay so I am gonna paint my frame and all that jazz....and pimp it out nice and good...what can I use to paint it? what good paint or something else that won't chip easily and that wil...

how should I clean my 661s?
My 661s smell like rancid butthole, please tell me how to get them smelling all nice and flowery. I have tried Febreze, cologne, and a good old fashioned scrubbing. None of it works....

Torker dx trials RIM & Cranks size
I've been spending quite some time searching old threads but since I did not find specific comparisons (they may exist SOMEHWERE, but I gave up:( ) between the 2006 torker dx 20" trial...

uni ropeswinging?
does anyone have comments unicycling into rope and swinging off the unicycle? or off a ramp into rope? or into rope and swing out and let go to fall into lake or having someo...

level 3 w00t
i just completed all the skills today for level 3!!! i have been riding for a little over a month now and i was wondering if this is the average speed of most people? ...

Winter Uni?
Well, i really want to go out and ride! Ive been doing short streches in my house for a little while, but now Im wondering how hard it is to ride outside... In the snow.

BUC 13 whos going?
hi all, im just trying to find out how many people from the forum are going to the buc this year, this is going to be the first year im going, also is there anyone who is going that co...

skills vs. stunts
I just received a copy of Defect last week, and it has some amazing stuff. But I've started wondering where the line is between a 'skill' and a 'stunt'. A 'skill' being that which ca...

Crank hops vs. regular hops
are crank hops acctually nessesary for anything or is it justan easy way to get better ballance during normal hops. because i hop just as well on my pedals as on my cranks. i was just ...

QU-AX or Onza
Hi I own a Qu-Ax 20-inch Cross Unicycle the one with the red hub and now i want to buy a new one, i'm between the Qu-Ax 20-inch Trials Unicycle (yellow hub) and the Onza 20-...

uni carboot???
I was thinking that maby we could have a carboot sale at BUC 13 so that peole could get rid of there spares and not have to worry about postage also you could get some extra cash to sp...

Anyone from Toronto or Ottawa going to Motorama?
I was wondering if there's anyone from either toronto or ottawa going to motorama, as the title implies. If so, could i get a ride? Motorama is a great event and i really don't w...

Hydroplaning a 29er?
i had the oppourtunity to try out my friends 29er today. i must say its a sweet ride, very smooth rotations as opposed to my 20". but heres the story, i was cruisin along and i flew th...

Extreme Ti(y)re Puncture
Ok, well, I was being extremely careless yesterday at a friend's house, and rode my Torker CX 24" on a fairly rough offroad path behind his house (at least fairly rough to me, meaning ...

MUni in Switzerland
This is a few hours from Unicon but it might be worth the trek :eek: [image:] -- nickjb -----------------------------...

The various KH20 frame sizes.
OK, I found this at: danger_uni wrote: > > The spring/summer KH20 had a 45mm height above the tire...

my small trials vid !!
hey all, i have really wanted to put togetha a vid, but due to the fact that i have a really poor and slow dial up internet connection, i cant upload large movies!! <...

cant move legs:/
when i jump i cant move my legs off the pedals,cant move the pedals and i cant think of another thing to say but please i need some help:confused: :mad: -- dan d...

I scared the sh!t out of myself!
Hey dudes! Last weekend i was street riding in Milton Keynes(the city near me) and i rode a giant set of about 50 stairs. They were small sets of 10 and about 5 sets in all. I rod...

modified grind plates for jim c's
i recently upgraded my snafus to some awesome new jim c's. i used a danscomp grindplate on my snafus but knew it wouldnt fit my jim c's, but thats was ok because jim c's were designed ...

Muni for street riding?
I'm looking at buying a 24" KH Freeride or XC, but either one costs so much that I would have to use it for general riding on the street as well as Muni. Would changing the ...

Ottawa unicyclists, READ THIS!
Ok guys, I think we should start a club. I don't believe that this has been done in Ottawa yet. If it has, correct me! I think that we should just start out by getting each othe...

World's first KH26?
Hi folks, My little project to produce a customized 26" mountain unicycle is finally finished. I have ridden a 26" wheel size for offroad unicycling for years and always wa...

Coker sunday
Got in a nice little 13 mile ride today. This was the first Sunday in along time that it wasnt dumping snow, which usually doesnt stop me from riding on Sundays. This year the skiing h...

Tips and Tricks to help with MUnicycling
I am a keen municyclist, and without being cocky i am pretty good, and i would like to know some tricks that would make riding over really tough terrain easier. cheers:)

New-Be's Tutorial Thread
Yep Indeedy, We're all fed up of the tipical newbe posts, how do i do this, how to do that? I think to we as the community we should help the newbies so lets pick one trick each film o...

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