FS: 1982 Billie Jean King Autobiography 1st Edition Hardcover
1982 Billie Jean King Autobiography 1st Edition Hardcover I have for sale the out-of-print, 1st edition hardcover book "Billie Jean" by Billie Jean King (1982). This out-of-print...

Great News! Over the hill Venus Williams loses again!
http://sports.yahoo.com/ten/news;_ylt=Avnh8wy5z4AqT.uTeF9me2Q4v7YF?slug=ap-kremlincup&prov=ap&type=lgns Venus Williams upset in 1st round at Kremlin Cup By LEONID CHIZHOV, Associ...

Nadal's Knees - Read Last Sentence
MELBOURNE, Australia (AP) - Roger Federer will join former Australian Open champion Marat Safin and 2006 finalist Marcos Baghdatis in the eight-man Kooyong invitational tournament the week b...

Ou Sont les Peres d'Antan?
Damir Dokic says he is seeking to kidnap his estranged daughter Jelena, and has threatened to kill an Australian as revenge for her returning to the country. In a sensational rant...

very cool~~

More Goranisms
Question: In your opinion, who is the most talented player you’ve ever played against? Goran: Roger Federer and John McEnroe. I was lucky that I could play both of them. John at...

Roger: Wedding ring shopping!!

Just for shits and giggles, rate the studio albums of these bands
These are my ratings outta 10 Beatles ------------ Please Please Me - 8/10 With The Beatles - 7/10 A Hard Day's Night - 7.5/10 Beatles For Sale - 6.5/10 Help! - 7.5/...

Navratilova hit a 108 mph serve - personal record!
Last month in an exhibition match. At age 51. Better nutrition obviously. Max

RST is 13 years 6 months old
13 and a half years shame for humanity.

For those wondering how Pim-Pim is doing ...
I don't know if he will win the match or even finish it. But ... He served 3 aces in the first game! Oh, wait. Make that He served 4 aces in the first 5 points! ...

Venus out for revenge in Moscow - Ravi Ubha *SPOILER*
http://sports.espn.go.com/sports/tennis/columns/story?columnist=ubha_ravi&id=3628151 Excerpts: First Quarter: The rematch Jankovic is considered a bit of a drama queen...

Is Fed having a nice holiday?
I noticed there seem to be lots of candid photos of Nadal on his holiday. Are there any of Fed? I have to say if there isn't then does anybody know where he is and if not then that is a goo...

Will the Indoor Nalbandian revive in time for the Davis Cup final?
Nalbandian is playing in Stockholm this week. Now that Federer is no longer playing there, we will have to see how Nalbandian does against lesser lights to gauge his indoor form and genera...

2008 - Year of the greatest dominiation of tennis in history
would've been if Fed hadn't got mono, eh. lol.

Mirka is 30 years 6 months old
Steffi was 32 years and 4 months when she had her first child. If Mirka and Federer want children, and she is looking at someone like Steffi to see how late she can wait, next year will be a...

How old is Raja?

OT: I thought this is funny

Barely On-Topic
Heh: http://notsafeforkids.com/?page_id=1113 -- Take a deep breath, take a walk, cool off, plot a bit, and serve again.

Graf: Women's field is a lot stronger these days ...
from interview in latest TENNIS magazine - couldn't find it on-line: Q. Since you've retired there hasn't been a consistent, dominant champion on the women's tour. Why do you think tha...

Stuttgart surface was really slow this year
I seem to recall Stuttgart as being a relatively fast indoor surface from past years. This year the balls would hit the court and slow down in gasp-worthy fashion. An...

Ivo confirms changed Wimbledon conditions...
Just one more spot of evidence: From jimbo7482: "You were the last serve-volleyer to win Wimbledon in 2001. How do you think you would do if you were playing in this era and will we ev...

Does Roger REALLY have sex with fat hag Mirka?
Roger is into guys....

Does Roger REALLY have sex with fat hag Mirka?
I don't think so. He is gay.

You were the last serve-volleyer to win Wimbledon in 2001. How do you think you would do if you were playing in this era and will we ever see a serve-volleyer in the top 10 again? From ...

Womens Tennis Clown Era
Not to demean Janakovic or anyone else .. But Is this the ultimate clown era in womens tennis where with just 2 titles in an entire year... you can be world number 1? Whats going on???

When will Federer be cured of mono ever?
does he plan on having it the rest of his life?

Set score numbers in parenthesis?
What do the numbers in parenthesis mean? 76(8) 76(5) Obviously it has something to do with the score, probably an amount won by, but what exactly? Thanks. -...

tomorrow is monday

Nole The Great is not playing Vienna~~
he will lose 250pts, right??

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