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Top players miss the slams they do not have
Sampras would have given anything for a FO and so would Federer. It is only natural. Lendl not winning WO probably made him even more of a sour puss. Only those with the complete game can wi...

French Open 2009...
I wonder if the french open organizers could afford another one-sided boring final next year, or will they speed up the clay to make it more interesting? Will be interesting to se...

To: TT
What happened to J?

=?iso-8859-1?Q?Am=E9lie_Mauresmo_splits_from_Lo=EFc?= Courteau
Not that anybody here seems to care about women's tennis, but: <> <snip> ...

hundreds of replies to the Sarah Palin post.
shameful. bob

What is one of the most embarrassing things your parents ever did to

Argentina 3 X 2 Spain

Grunting during tennis... The grunting during tennis is getting really out of hand. :-)

2008: The Best-Ever Year in Sports?
2008: The Best-Ever Year in Sports? Optimedia U.S. Ranks the Sporting Events That Engaged Audiences By Antony Young Published: September 30, 2008 Antony Young

2xWilliams playing doubles in Stuttgart?
Are they trying to qualify for the WTA championship?

Solve puzzle, Find truth
people must look In the mirror. do this, Very soon something super will happen. And you will Notice the truth. some people have forgotten their history Lately. there is no Excuse

October 1st, 1988 - One Moment In Time
The greatest tennis moment ever - Steffi Graf wins Golden Grand Slam. Max

The Beatles were GAY ;-)
Lets face it, most of their big hits were gay anthems. 1) Love Me Dude (oh God, please no) 2) I Wanna Hold You Wang (come on thats just nasty) 3) Norwegian "Wood" (yeah, yeah)

Anyone heard if Henin might possibly come back?
Women's tennis just freakin' sucks without her.

Federer blog - Summer 2008 ...
After a long hiatus due to suffering from mononucleosis, the new world #2 has finally found enough energy to put pen to paper and complete the latest scintillating installment of his persona...

Baghdatis a broken man?
Only 23 and seems to be falling apart physically. Ended Wimbledon with a tough 5 set loss to F. Lopez that resulted in an injury that kept him off the tour until now. He played a Chal...

Nadal's ASSHOLE looks sore.... I blame Feliciiano....

DC 2008 Final - Argentina picks Cordoba Indoor Arena
Will the ITF veto this choice? Their earlier comments seemed to hint at that. The Argentine second choice is an indoor arena in Mar del Plata. Cordoba is Nalbandian's homet...

Greatest Slam Stretches in the Open Era
What is it? Longest continuous stretch with a 2 slam a year average and no zero slam years? Seems a tough hurdle to overcome since even a single 2 slam years is rare indeed. A m...

Commercial and Advertisement: Sales and Marketing Department
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Tsonga vs Djokovic
Highlights or full match somewhere? Ain't see any video so far (I am not registred to any "private" tracker/website)... Anything (but dirty flv) welcome. Share & ...

Djoker hasn't defended a single title yet!
To be fair to Djoker, he has won 'only' 10 titles so far and started winning 'only' in 2006, but it is remarkable that he has failed to defend any of the 7 titles he had a chance t...

Sampras says "Vote McCain"
on that US TV show TMZ. we knew he was an uneducated Republican but come on, take your head out of your ass already, Petey.

Roger LOLOLOLOLOL... worst pic ever!!

Rafa's ass looks better than his face

Kimiko Date
Or Kimiko Date Krumm, as she is these days. Another one of women players my age that are coming back after a long break. 12 years in her case. http://www.sonyericssonwtatour...

McCain destroying world economy before even elected!
Discuss -- "If you can meet with triumph and disaster and treat those two impostors just the same"

Federer-Cahill Redux?
Rumors are beginning to be whispered here and there. From late last week:

rst's most popular tennis topics of the month
Honorable mentions: =========================== Fed HC GOAT? Messages = 172 *Jesper Lauridsen* Most HC slam titles. Most consecutive HC USOs. Tied for...

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