OT: Say hello to Gustav :(
http://i2.cdn.turner.com/cnn/2008/US/weather/09/01/gustav/t1home.gustav.31.gi.jpg Would this reach NY this week?

Is Federer back?
He looked good and moved well. His attitude was very different from his previous match against Elvis. Fedfans take heart :)

So let me get this straight ...
Federer is basically Nikimons trainer - right ?

Hell's Porno v The Nikimon
Sounds like one of those ol Godzilla sci fi flicks... I cna hardly wait For something I refuse to pay for

After 27
Most Grand Slam titles after Age 27 Player Slams after 27 Total Slams Andre Agassi 5 8 Rod Laver 5 11 Ivan Len...

Will Djokovic have something left in the tank for next week if he won
It's more of three hours of torture so far!

You lucky dogs with direct tv
These idiots on usa for regular cable tv just will not stay with a featured match very long. very irritating coverage since day 1.

Djokovic is being outplayed by Cilic in the first set.
The kid is great in the baseline and has good serve as well.

[USO] Dementieva-Li (Spoiler)
Whoa. Li started out tight in this one, allowing Dementieva to break her first two service games and race out 3-0, but steadied the ship for the rest of the set, Dementieva taking...

I don't like Courier
as a commentator. He always acts like he's the smartest guy in the booth but just dissed Wetheim for saying "Cilic is the best palindrome since Seles."

We need to get a mantra chant going at Nadals next match !!!!
no more cheats ! No more cheats !! No More Cheats !!! NO MORE CHEATS !!! NO MORE CHEATS !!! NO MORE CHEATS !!! NO MORE CHEATS !!! NO MORE CHEATS !!! NO MORE CHEATS !!! ...

Robredo /Tsonga - sort of like Cahill /Goran
When the solid, unspectacular guy -- who cannot possibly win the tournament -- eliminates a guy with a big game who could be a threat in the late rounds, you know that the chances of a dud q...

hey how did you guys propose to your wife???
Did you know for sure if she would say 'yes' when you asked her? just asking~~

monofed will never win the French Open
No Roland Garros for ExFed, ever!

Stepanek is 30 and old
He aint no 21 year old like the serbian slayer Nole. Monofed will not win the USO! ExFed will lose in the SF. The first real test ExFed ...

Nole will win the USO

If Nadal doesn't make the final this year
he never will. Almost unreal the way the draw has opened up for him. All the guys with winning hardcourt records against him either finding a way to lose or placed in the bottom half of the ...

exfed will not win TMC this year

monofed will only win mm tournaments this year
like estoril* and halle. yup!

exfed will not win any slams or masters series this year
mark my words.

monofed will not reach a single HC final this year

exfed will lose in the SF
mark my words. the first real test he will face he will lose.

monofed has not been tested yet
he will lose in the SF.

Rogah back in tha house?

Is Federer going to beat many of the players that he lost to this
Stepanek, Roddick, Djokovic and Nadal?

a new Becker?
R. Becker another one from Germany named Becker...playing boys singles

JMac talking up Roddick
now that his brother coaches Roddick?

tennis on HD TV
surely should be rated since u get to see some horrific pictures, now the detail and sharpness of the players is really amazing.. Nadal really is an ugly arsepicker lol Step...

usopen.org scoreboard having a bad day
I'm seeing some anomalies in the scoreboard for completed matches. Hope they will correct the glitches soon.

Federer is getting back some of his confidence.
He is also playing within himself and he looks like he has a volcano that is ready to burst any time. It will be a killer for him if he lost again in this USO.

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