Rafter Interview at Atptennis.com (Blackrock Champions)
...gives some good opinions of Wimbledon, S&V and grass. http://www.blackrocktourofchampions.com/5/news/2008/pat.asp .mikko

So, it will end in 3 matches ?
235 consecutive weeks ? Not a bad streak , but real mystery as to what awaits both now. BTW, how much of this year was Federer's health ? mono ? How much just simply Nadal ?...

WTA =?iso-8859-1?Q?Montr=E9al,?= Stockholm R16 rankings
JankoviŠ will pass IvanoviŠ in the rankings that come out on August 11, when IvanoviŠ's title from Los Angeles 2007 comes off the rankings. However, that's not yet a guarantee that Jankov...

Ahahahaha... Hazelnut proved wrong AGAIN!!!
Didn't he say Rafa will never become # 1? LOL. Too bad poor Rogie disappointed him this time too. He couldn't hold till Djoker could takeover the reins.

Sharapova pulls out of Olympics

Nadal is getting burnt out too!
Looks tired and like saying enough is enough, screw the #1 ranking! I honestly want him to take the number #1 ranking and deal with the pressure defending it.

Nadal winning the USO would certainly make him the GOAT
at his age and well on his way to be the best ever. We would be talking about a 22 year old with 6 Grand Slams in 3 different surfaces. Please somebody remind me where Federer wa...

http://i228.photobucket.com/albums/ee314/indybeck71/08RFcincy107.jpg tomorrow is another day~~

The Karlovic net game
The commentary team, especially Gilbert, seem surprised at the quality of Karlovic's volleys. They shouldn't be. Didn't Gilbert see the 2007 San Jose final, where Murray defeated...

Commentators saying that
Haas had a game plan and he executed it to perfection. And Nadal didn't play particularly well. And Nadal wins the set, 6-4. Sign of the times...

Karlovic's reaction after beating federer
almost seemed like he won a grand slam.. amazing!!!! LOL

ATP tour records

Nadal pictured without his makeup

ok so what? Federer loses to Karlovic in 3rd set tiebreaker!
Federer will probably won't mind a lot since he actually played well, not well enough t obreak the big Karlovic serve. But still his forehand seemed to be flowing, his serve was ok. And eve...

How will Federer cope...
being world #2? So much of his identity as a tennis player is wrapped up in the #1 ranking. Mirka might need to be on suicide watch for a few days

How many more matches does Nadal have to win
to break Vilas' record?

Thanks, BlackJAG
For jinxing my favorite players. Warned you yesterday but you didn't listen...

Wouldnt it be ironic
If the man Fed hates ( Djoker ) beats Nadal and stops him - for no becoming no 1 I agree it prob wont happen based on this form - but you never know

Haas will be heard to say....
...Wie kann ich einen Punkt gewinnen?

When Nadal wins the Olympics
It might really be all over for Fed. I am not reading too much into this result, losing 2 tiebreaks to Karlovic on a fast hardcourt isn't anything to panic about. But imagine if Nadal wins t...

Moya looking old

Grandad doing well....
Tipsarevic / Davydenko / Andreev...... that is 3 pretty solid wins for an old man.

Tank job anyone? anybody for mono?
come out with your excuses, LOL!

50 yr old Mcenroe can beat federer?
I think so... Mac just beat up sampras awhile ago... I think in this form, it's very likely..

Federer is planning another exo with Mcenroe....
after hearing Mcenroe beat up Sampras... roger is planning to play an exo vs Mac... what a stuipid fuckin idiot.. his psyc is really fucked up by sampras, not mono

monofed will NOT win the olympics!

Its Okay
lets move on to the Olympics, now he has a few extra days to get used to Beijing~~

Is Nadal #1 yet?
Or does he have to win every single tournament for the rest of the season?

Congrats Karlovic!
A well deserved win. Won by one minibreak in third, due to 3 unforced errors by Federer in even rallying positions...one on Fed's own serve, two on Ivo's second serve. Better pl...

Federer's stunning loss
to Karlovic ...lost key points to Karlovic during baseline exchanges!

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